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The First Ever Mafia Boss Family Tree

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  • The First Ever Mafia Boss Family Tree

    Greetings Mafiosos,

    How would you all like to know where we all came from in the world of The Mafia Boss?

    What does the lineage among both mafiosos and families begin?

    Here is your chance to participate in the first ever genealogy of The Mafia Boss.

    Let’s start at the very beginning of time in TMB. I want you all to share who you are and where you came from. Share who your mentor was, which family you came from and who was in your family. State whether you were killers, looters, or collectors. Any information about retired players is very welcome as well. Let’s see just how big the TMB Family Tree is.

    Over approximately the next ten rounds gather all the information you can about your past and your families past. Share it below. Feel free to add to someone’s post or write your won. Once there is enough historical data collected we will formulate it into a TMB Family Tree.

    Please keep it short simple and true historical data. If you have a basic time frame as to when you joined would also be helpful. Any information that is irrelevant or nonsensical rantings will be removed from this post.

    It is time to connect the dots for all of TMB to see who spawned who!

    Thanks and Have Fun with it!!!

    The Mafia Boss News
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    I started in New York about 2 months ago after helping a friend with an account which i took over he was my roomate which made it easy to play every day. I run a family called GCF_Corleone we are looters and collectors it is the first round it has existed last round all different people and it was just called Corleone I am a consigliere in a union which feeds into a lot of other unions and families one of the other big people is the guy who is my mentor TonyGiovanni this round cwb at the end of his name my first family was Renegade-HQ the don was Schofield and the consigliere was Grandtheft other members were Jonnyscalleta and That1Guy

    My mafioso name is Meee
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      I am Godfather2017. I started out in ICS Cellblock. My mentor was Homicide. We were mainly collectors while i was there, but we did kill on some occasions. My family members were Homicide, Duckyasucka, bright, kank and a lot more I can't remember Lmao.


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        My game name is and always has been Splooge. I started on June 26, 2006 which was sometime in Round 49.

        As is typical for most American TMB players, I started in New York City. Immediately I was bombarded with messages from different families. However, I only responded to the first person that sent me a recruitment letter. His name was RaZor.

        I immediately decided that I didn't want to be a part of his family, nor did I need to. I therefore decided to send a reply insulting his mother, who I had heard was a wonderful lady

        A few minutes later I was hit, stripped of my DUs, and looted. I decided to change my mind and asked RaZor for an invite. RaZor was the Consigliere of TRM-Sin-City-Family, an extension family of Sin-City ran by JohnGotti20 and a family part of the Moscow union TRM, standing for The Russian Mob.

        What truly intrigued me to the family was the music that was on the family media image. Back then, you could embed music into a .jpg or .gif. Recently, that feature has been brought back but it was removed for quite some time. Anyways, the music was the theme music from The Godfather, music I loved, and learned to love much more.

        The boss of the family, Kingpin79, was my mentor and truly my only boss on this game. We were a peaceful family, union, and city. TRM was led by Bournside, Hustla, and JohnGotti20. Moscow was shared by Bosphorus, TRM, and Anarchy. Bosphorus was run by Dieman and Anarchy was run by Joe_Loop. All of these players are legendary in my book.

        We were definitely collectors, except when we were called to war. Usually half the family built to collect gun cash for the killers and to hold the loot. The war director of TRM would usually pick a target every few rounds and we would hit them. Suicide was a big part of this era. The goal of war was in this order:
        1) Zero the DUs of every player in the family - starting with the highest, working our way down to the lowest
        2) Zero the Ops of every player in the family (unless otherwise stated)
        3) Triple Zero every player by attacking them repeatedly (hopefully receiving revenge from these players)

        When we were not warring, everyone would collect and enforce border patrol. We would keep the family banked by using the banking circle technique of trickling down the cash hoping to rank in the top 15 (back then the top 15 families were ranked). This was before tiers (those were introduced in Round 70). Top 15 Supporters, Free players, and Families were those that ranked.

        TRM and Moscow was home to many legendary players who I'd love to see back in the game again, but I doubt they'd be able to acclimate to the rule changes, and at for that matter, wouldn't want to. I could list some other players that were a part of these families, but I'd definitely leave some players out.

        Thanks for posting this. It's always nice to reminisce.

        There's only one Return, and it's of the Jedi.

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        In layman's terms, you're a cunt.


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          Why u have to be an over achiever splooger lol


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            Like wow. Someone give him another interview or something.


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              lmao @ chad & wolf


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                Im still laughing lol


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                  yeah same lol


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                    My game name has been Stinger for most of my TMB career but I also played as TheFlamingo for awhile. My preferred game play is that of Killer but the current rules do not allow for me to do much killing anymore.

                    I joined the game in round 17 and joined Chi-Town Gangsta’s with Bishop as my first Boss. He was a good boss and taught me the basics of the game.

                    In round 19 GoldenGate desecrated our family and when I asked him why he attacked us he told me JohnnyPops (aka Pops) told him to do it. I had never talked to Pops before but that did not stop me from going directly to him asking him why the fuck he had GoldenGate attack us. (LOL - Man I was such a noob back then!) I was really pretty shitty with Pops about it and I was surprised that he never really got angry with me for the way I treated him. Instead he actually took time to explain to me some of the things that people say and do in the game.

                    In Round 20 I joined Omerta and Pops was the best Mentor I could have asked for. He was good at the game and taught me all the finer points like killing, maxing etc. I would not be the player I am today without his mentoring.

                    Others that helped me learn the game are The_Dudes and DarkProphet (Brent).


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                      hi the name is CAPO,
                      I was recruited into tmb by Seth leader of murder_inc at the time.
                      I started playing somewere in round 30, when Omerta was big shot, pissheads were rich, and wolf pack controling nyc with an iron fist, and all the other vet nyc families to this day protect nyc.
                      Started of in Cleveland, joined Murder_inc , Money_Makers. had our good times and had our bad time, Became part of the first Union in cleveland know as CC`` Cleveland Comission`. at first the union seemed like it wount last like all new form of rules that just been placed, but later on everyone seemed to respect and follow the family codes of honor, and then forth the union prosper and flurish in welth and members, but like all good unions that expand and make, and earn money. People became greedy, some even go and spy on their own families to get a cut of the billions of cash stacked with bankers. So in a few rounds past, civil war broke out, family killing family brother killing brother, then like water touching fire it all ended and disapeared...
                      So i quit for couple of rounds and returned back, And started off in Cleveland and the family that took over at the time was Woodsmans familia, the mighty Moctezuma families. well at the time it was just woodsman and 3 to 4 families. So i joined up with woodsmans family and plaid for 32 best round ever in my mobsters life, till an event happened in real life so i quit,

                      Now im back, looking to play another wounderful round with my new family, (cant be spoken of) and see whats new on TMB.


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                        Im tank_cwb, i started out with degenerates in nyc. My mentors were Spades(retired) and Scoller. Family members included Familymatters, Lady, and C4. We were a mixture of all 3 styles. if you need more info.......just ask


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                          Names ViciousEd,almost 6 years of playing in a few days,Join when a friends told me he knew a game about mobster wacking each other,as a kids i was in High school back then,I thought it would be fun.Soon to realize it was text base game -.- I stated playing because of friend that not playing atm

                          I ended up joining idk what round with Phoenix first but the family got disbabnded,Then i went to this one small fam called Immortals for sereval rounds.I ended up being recruited by a friend that left that small fam into a family branch in Foundhell

                          After some months of absence i started playing again, some guy called ikah recruted me to ICS_God and been with them ever since


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                            Guess my first TMB game name was CJ which I used for my first 3 rounds

                            I joined the game on the last day of round 127 in where else but New York as 1 I live there and 2 seems most US players pick that city so why should I have been any different :P

                            Anyways my first family was 5Pts_Gang which was apart of NYCU that first round we were attacked by some family and we all found ourselves 00'd. I rejoined them in the next round only for that same family to continue to rape us and after being frustrated by the lack of fighting back I left and was recruited into a family called the Magiannos which were a part of SBU (Sydney Blood Union) and run by Dano. He went and 00'd their entire family for me as a way to welcome me into the family as I as every noob was scared they would be effected by me being there. That's when I changed my game name to Da_Secret and really learned to kill after about 3 round's there a friend of mine by the name of TheRock8819 joined a family in Tokyo known as UML at which point I followed. Thats where I met RTD and Shanaine and soon after Jonzo & Protege. I had worked my way up to being a co-don there before my time with them ended but after about 200 rounds I felt it was time to move on. Round 329 I had joined Cheese to help out my good friend Popebenedict and have been here since where we have recruited some great players such as Amon, Zappa, HungryHamster and so many more and plan to spend the rest of my days building Cheese into the powerhouse both myself and pope envision


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                              Have been the same name (Attila) since the start..(.aside for a short time as the_Bear when we founded the original Wall Street Family.)

                              First played in round 35 with Gambino Criminality. Nicky Balsamo was the boss and I a noobish consig. Then moved to Gambino elite cartel run by the one and only Fug. He helped instill a fight first spirit. mentored in the early days by Juice. A legend in the first few years of TMB.

                              Gambino was famously lead at the time in part by The Spaniard. His team building letters were a tour de force in stream of consciousness gonzo-esque prose.
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