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    Hello everyone

    We do notice that there has been some irritating bugs happening in the game, "you can't perform this action so quickly" and also the protection clock timer not syncing up, error messages while travelling - We are sorry about this, the tech support guys checked our databases and can't find the problem yet. We may not be able to get it fixed before turbo end, so please note the following below:


    Please note that protection works - but please currently don't go according to the potection timer. You get 60 seconds protection from attacks when you hire, produce or collect, with more than 60 turns. So please just watch the game clock and try to hire before that time, again, to stay protected. Don't wait for the protection clock - WATCH THE GAME CLOCK - from the last time you hired.

    Lag and Interrupted actions:

    Please for the Turbo round end - make sure to do your collects and moves much earlier than usual to avoid being caught up by lag and the current hiring bugs that cause actions to get interrupted.

    Again, apologies for this, we will get it fixed soon.
    - Storm
    Game Admin

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    Thanks Storm for the update, Its also been noticed that the game clock jumps dramatically during the times prior to toh as well. Not sure about the rest of the time

    If i must say one thing we all can count to 60, (well lets hope) that way they know for sure they are protecting... I personally do that and just hire every 45 secs to ensure such.

    Just my advice, take it however :P


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      The eor for turbo i noticed to be lag free this was great as well cheers to Staff for this!!!


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        rayray. you count to 60 by counting the fingers on 1 hand then multiplying by 10


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          cheers for staff ? are u blind ? or just stupid ?


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            Coming from you two seems its the mirror effect

            Should thank them for trying to fix issues and hell yeah the first turbo to have no lag for eor it was nice to see,,,

            get a life biased cunts