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Main Round Review 850 (Parody): UC What IC

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  • Main Round Review 850 (Parody): UC What IC

    Hello fellas and ladies, Reck here with a parody round review of round 850. I hope all y'all are enjoying the start of a new year because well, sadly, the members of IC clearly aren't. After taking a fat L to TMK in round 848, let's just say, they were very demoralized. If sources claim whats true, they weren't even arming up their defensives

    TMK came into the round and surprisingly joined UC for the round who were mocking Babbo (disrespectfully) and praising TMK. TMK is sort of like Tom Brady for all my football fans. I'd give him LeBron, but 3-5 doesn't suit TMK at all.

    Givenchy started the round by zeroing off EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE. Then he joined IC and had himself quite a build-off as we will see later, stay tuned.

    Let's get into family rankings and such here quickly before I get into it all. BH continued their spree at the gold followed by FH and LOCOS. In round 848 it was the same three just switching FH and LOCOS. I asked BH how their round went....

    Originally posted by Tawnie View Post
    The round went like this: the boys consumed my roofies and they all woke up with sticky buttholes
    Well shit, i think these fellas need to pray to whomever they pray too. Jesus.
    Just kidding fellas, Good job BH on another gold!

    I tried to get a quote from Skeemin or nimeekS (Stalked) but as all yall know Skeemin, that dude will send you an essay even if its a yes or no question, so i decided to ignore his essay because shit, it was longer than this post that I'm making.

    There was a clear highlight of the round, and no Ink slinger, don't use my images for your blog, do your work yourself.

    Probably the most interesting thing to happen since IC was getting their ass whooped. Beazy got tired as this war lasted from 1130 pm to 2 am, so homie was like fuck it and went to sleep which led Givenchy aka Rizzky win the war.

    So to my favorite part of the round, which was an all round DOMINATION by UC of IC. I didn't see IC have 1 single guy above 500k ops (beside Rizzky)

    For those who don't know what happened with UC and IC let me clear this up. Rizzky hit UC, and UC took union gold sneakily that round. After HH and TRU talked, there was peace again finally. However, before HH logged back on, TRU and his snake ass team had already hit UC (and their ops) which is what initiated this war. Fast forward to the day 3 mark of round 852. I bet TRU wishes he wasn't such a bitch. Anyways, UC had annihiliated IC and there was nothing going right for IC. UC piled the hits and hits and hits and by the end IC gave up. Numerous of their supporters were not even arming their du's. "2018" started with 2.5m ops and ended with 200k. Pathetic performance from IC in my opinion but I felt as if IC was the stronger side but nope. TMK came through with what appeared to be an easy win. IC did not want to fuck around because well, he's brady and their like the Buffalo Bills.

    I asked Hollywood_Hubert what his thoughts were on the round.

    Originally posted by Hollywood_Hubert View Post
    as war goes that is about as one sided as you can get now days. UC DEEZ NUTS
    Damn harsh words big fella, harsh words.

    My next part is a question for y'all. Where does clutch go? I'll buy a free sub for the person who guess correctly what family/union clutch goes to!

    I would go through ranks but yall can sort that shit for yourself. Congrats to all the winners, i hope ya enjoy your round! And if you see IC in round 852 please message me Reckaholic in game to show me where they are cause shit, we getting bored out here.

    Reck, OUT!

    FYI, BH, i wasn't kidding, yall need to pray a bit.

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    Ahahhahhhaa his is awesome


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      Someone get this man a staff job!


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        finally, some unbias reporting

        sorry, FREE unbias reporting


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          Nice review Reck


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            Finally some shit that isn't #FakeNews


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              sticky buttholes for everyone


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                Just wait
                The title will Be Jackie did something��


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                  Hahaha this shit is gold af. We need more from Reck! Storm pass him main round reviewer ��


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                    You forgot to tell the public that Jackie ran EOR for IC. It explains it all hahaha


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                      I dont usually give a fuck about such bullshit that happens well above my pay grade, but this was a good read and the UC Union media gave me a chuckle.

                      LLSU FYUU LLBU


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                        That was actually a good read, round was one sided as fuck! UC did a great job and HH kept my Ops low all round so well done guys.
                        Good to see you having a crack at reviews reck, look forward to more


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                          Originally posted by NoMrcy View Post
                          That was actually a good read, round was one sided as fuck! UC did a great job and HH kept my Ops low all round so well done guys.
                          Good to see you having a crack at reviews reck, look forward to more
                          There's are words of a good sport, no bullshit great sportsmanship a lot of you could learn from this guy!
                          Nice read Reck very funny lol


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                            Wow, I know funny and this is fucking hilarious.




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                              Where's the rest of the review? Can't just stop at level 4. Keep going.
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