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Collecting Comments on Turbo Round 845

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  • Collecting Comments on Turbo Round 845

    If anyone has any comments they would like included in the turbo round review, please leave them below.

    - What was your turbo name & fam name?
    - How did your family do?
    - Did you win any tiers?
    - Anything happen that was crazy or unexpected?

    Thank you!

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    UC got family silver. Everybody doing their part, hh smashing as usual.


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      IC had by far the best Banker - sneaky bastard lol


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        Babbo best and most trusted Banker. good job and thanks for the invite


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          This is a review for the blog start having respect for it please
          This is a warning and the only one I am sending
          We have other forum post you can spew your dirty little pie holes on to.
          Thanks in advance


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            Originally posted by Reckaholic
            Shat in yo mouth foo
            Please refrain from spamming and writing utter nonsense on this forum sir/madam. This forum is for the round review. You have many other forum to write your ghastly messages. Any more useless messages will result in a perm/temp banned on forums. Thank you, have a good one. ~Sami


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              Originally posted by nexus
              Pretty lazy wanting the quotes posted here instead of messaging people.
              If they are posted here, why bother reading the blog?
              No matter how I ask for comments - via PM or via forums - I get troll-responses in reply. At least via the forums, it gives everyone a chance to comment who wants to.

              If you or anyone else thinks they can do a better job than I do at writing round reviews, please contact Ink-Slinger in game to apply to join the blog team.

              The blog will be submitted later today, so I am no longer accepting comments on this thread.

              Thank you.

              //thread closed


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                Originally posted by vbb
                Eat A Dick helper!

                Fuck You!
                ban me
                As you wish VBB... I will be banning you for 1 month as soon as I finish this post.

                And to the rest of you, this post is for comments about the turbo... not your shit talking dirty mouths. If you want to troll, you have plenty of other posts to do your thing in. But if I catch any of your trolling a post that has been written by a staff member or someone like Clutch who is helping out the game staff, I will ban you too.

                I've had enough of this nonsense and it stops right here and now. End of story.
                TMB Moderator

                Message me if you have questions about the forums or the game.


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                  Thank you Clutch for helping out with the Turbo review.

                  The review has been posted and can be found at the link below.


                  This thread is now closed.
                  TMB Moderator

                  Message me if you have questions about the forums or the game.