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what the fuck am i doing in istanbul ?

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  • what the fuck am i doing in istanbul ?

    just checked global and noticed im in turkey central, wtk, i never come here, i been here in rl, well antalya and it was very nice however it was also very close to syria, next door in fact, thats where terrorists come from, which has sorta put me off the place a bit. thinkin about it ive always been wary of turkey, a country named after a fowl, wtf, coupled with a reputation of getting your arse felt off the locals, thats guys not gals, sorta makes it a no go area for me,im sure theres plenty homos such as clutch,reckaholic, storm, secret-society, tammybuns etc who will now be flocking there, but its not for ole suggarlugz as im sure they refer to me

    anyway, im movin back to los angeles to get sucked off by kevin spacey

    whats in the box ???????

    ha !!

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    admit it lugz... you wanted a kebab,or a sarnie from near the bosphorus lol

    or,more like u.. u hoped a belly dance


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      if thats all i wanted id of gone to london


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        you were milking the bull?


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          kebabs in london arent the best... head north lad lol


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            You suckin dick lugz, thats what ya doin in istanbul