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User feedback thread for CAPTCHA Installation and setting

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    Originally posted by AssKickeR View Post
    ..... or put spaces in between names in all bots? rather than limit the attacks. in that way, we all log out each bot we loot. .
    That would really suck! While I know your intent was good, I have to say no, no, no.. this would be a huge pita and I think we might lose looters because of it.


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      I hate that thing sorry lol....but its annoying....while looting i encountered it a few times......and then doing a drive by it kept showing up even after doing just one click......seriously?


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        how about fixing kill points to the way it use to be 1 I kill total of 3oo k in dus I want 300k in kill points armed or not


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          60 clicks i thin be fair thats an average based on some testing of my own with some peeps on here..before all these limitations we installed that was an average between me and few other legit looters.


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            I like the captcha thing even if its just 50 clicks. what I dont want is I could not see the captcha pictures so I still have to wait the rest of the minute


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              Originally posted by Storm View Post
              Seriously no other feedback? SO I guess our settings are ok?

              NOT A FAN

              gotta change it stormy starting to be annoying


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                Originally posted by AssKickeR View Post
                why not just change the bots names every hour randomly or put spaces in between names in all bots? rather than limit the attacks. in that way, we all log out each bot we loot. No way macros can overturn that. there are too many limits already on the hapless looters, who over time, has mastered the art of looting. Not to mention that the cash with bots is not that much lately.

                there is a couple of upgrades going to happen around BOT's once we are done with the mobile version and have completed upgrading the game code version [2.5 more months and that is done]

                We are thinking along the lines of making higher reward level BOT's that move/travel very fast and probably also have changing networths - the idea will be to program some type of behavior into the BOT's to make them really challenging, and to provide some better type of play and rewards for skilled looters who are able to catch these, and not just have stationary BOT's the whole game - which we know anyone can easily hit.

                So i am checking on the feasibility of that being programmed, it can be done but we don't yet know with the new code what the server loads will be and how many of that we can create without lagging the servers....but i am fairly sure it will be ok.

                As for the idea of BOT's that time you out occasionally, when you attack them... is a good idea in principle. Thank you.

                As for the challenges and problems looters have with hit limits etc. - A good looter doesn't care about that, cos mostly supposed to be searching for the big hits.....which dont really exist much in this game at all anymore....looting is just very one dimensional right now because there isn't tons of live players to loot anymore. But if we as management of this game can come up with something to create more activity, and it's done right, i am sure we can have fun here

                We wanted to do bank attacks but the whole coding around it became very complex, with us having to change how banks work etc, was just too much to spend money on building on the old game code. we can also revisit that a bit later as that is still an idea, that if done right, can be very cool and exciting. its just f*n complex to figure it out.
                Game Admin


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                  Originally posted by Ant_The_Boss View Post
                  how about fixing kill points to the way it use to be 1 I kill total of 3oo k in dus I want 300k in kill points armed or not
                  wrong thread
                  Game Admin


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                    its kind of annoying, but better than alternative I guess.


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                      Originally posted by KWVWE View Post
                      its kind of annoying, but better than alternative I guess.
                      scratch that, very annoying, lol.. I guess if you're not too fast of a looter you won't notice it anyway. or at the very least, it won't bother you much.

                      don't actually have any ideas for a solution so I guess i'll just leave it at that for feedback.


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                        there are programs that count and measure clicks....they can help determine whether a person is a person or a bot....or program.

                        they only kick in the moment clicks become inhumanly consistent....
                        It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                          I only play now on the phone in transit so this doesn't affect me.


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                            tested it in turbo, so my thoughts:

                            - after you do the captcha once, it should go to a diff message such as "wait for cooldown period" because my method of looting is through tabs, if that message comes up each time i retry on a diff tab, its gona ruin my process for me

                            -Leave it at click "im a robot only" and not the picture stuff because this is suppose to be a quick and easy orocess rather than hassle

                            Will have more once i actually loot next round


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                              Originally posted by Storm View Post
                              Hi Everyone

                              Due to constant complaints and allegations about users using macros and auto-click/refresh/auto-load programs on attacking and collecting, we have installed a CAPTCHA program that will limit max collect and attacks PER MINUTE.

                              Please note we have tested the amount of clicks on screen-share with the fastest looters and collectors who don't use any outside programs. So the numbers we got is , set to the fastest legit techniques. Please don't ask me how its done as I wont divulge player secrets - that would constitute a form of fraud on the part of the business. The good players take many years/months of practice to perfect their techniques. We also wont discuss that here and anyone who does this will be forum banned.

                              The numbers are set as follows:


                              - Max 50 attacks per minute - [normal honest players/looters should go OOR then and need to bank]
                              - Once exceeded, you will get a CAPTCHA verification, and you need to follow the steps
                              - When done verifying, whatever is LEFT OF THAT MINUTE will be your cool -down time

                              So an example as follows:

                              If you do 50 attacks and it takes 30 seconds, you get CAPTCHA, once you verify, whatever remains of that same minute is your cooldown time. Legit users need not worry as it shouldn't affect you.


                              - EXACTLY the same as above, except it is limited to 30 clicks per minute on the collect button.

                              TIP for testing and practicing: EOR collectors can test it using 1 turn to become familiar with the limitations. Again: legit collectors should not be affected

                              Thank you, I look forward to your feedback
                              - Storm
                              My post got deleted. But basically the biggest complaint that seemed to support the allegations was against mitsui using macros and auto load, auto click. and so what did I do. I went out after him in turbo to see if it was myth or if there was something to it. So I actually in different rounds got to him while he was active with a successful attacks. So all that whining and complaining was just from several people that were just whining about shit because they were slow. I got a silver medal in turbo looting with no transfers. The biggest hurdle was being controlled by the threshold limit imposed on the game. I seen the best in the game and they can blow by these limits and I think the simple truth is that there is more whiners in the game then cheaters and so do not like any limits and my feedback would be to eliminate the controls. Look if someone is putting in thousands of dollars to the site to collect more then let it happen.


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                                i hate it... its so bad that the programmer could not even spell check "You" correctly