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Reminder to All users: Update your passwords and confirm your Email

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  • Reminder to All users: Update your passwords and confirm your Email

    A reminder to all users:

    We have added extra security layers onto the database, updated the software and still in progress to update the game code, to a much newer 2017 version, which also supports massive extra security features.

    However, it is still important to practice good habits on your personal cyber security and this goes for any site that you use online, where your login and personal details need to remain confidential - your added responsibility actions helps to prevent further problems.

    We see a lot of returning users who didn't change their passwords or update their email addresses, so this is a gentle reminder to all users to do the updates

    Some users have been been using the same pass for 10 years.

    1 - Update and change your password at least once every month or 2
    - 1.a If you didn't update your password recently, please do it now.

    2 - Verify your E-mail address. [This will also allow you to access game email - notifications features and turn it on of off]

    You can do this by clicking on the "My Account" link on the top right of the game site pages

    - Storm
    Game Admin

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    This is important, so please I hope everyone takes actions as it will help keep things more secure.
    Game Admin


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      BUMP!!! please note in order to activate notifications from the game to your devices or emails, please follow the above steps

      Game Admin


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        PLEASE help us help you guys. We are trying to make sure this website is safe and everybody has a good time here. IF anybody forgot their old email password just message staff for help/advice. It's also good to change password's here n there just for peace of mind.

        Thank you guys

        ~TMB Helper


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          BUMP BUMP BUMP*******

          Just like storm said before there is players here who never changed their password in 9 years +
          We highly recommend TMB players update/change their details for peace of mind.

          If ANYBODY got any question's please don't be afraid to message staff. We are here to help ty.


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            please make sure returning players to change your passwords
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              Originally posted by Teds View Post
              And for the ladies who play TMB

              SEND NUDES
              Hello ted. PLEASE don't spam or post non related posts on this thread. As this thread is serious and should not be taken as a joke.

              THANK YOU

              ~sami tmb helper in the making


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                fuck off sammmi


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                  Originally posted by Beva01 View Post
                  fuck off sammmi
                  Hi Beva

                  If you got a problem with me please either PM me or report me for whatever reason. but please don't spam on this thread.

                  thank you.

                  ~tmb helper