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    Let me direct you to a game rule.
    8. Threatening Messages/Racial Comments
    This is a Mafia based game and insults and threats are a part of that. However, sending messages that personally threaten another player or their livelyhood will result in you being removed from the game. You are welcome to tell someone you are going to take out them and their whole family (gamewise). You are not allowed, for example, to tell someone you know where they live and are coming to get them or to wish any diseases on them or their family. This is a game and it's meant to be fun. Keep your threats to within the game. Abusive messages also will not be tolerated. Insulting someone's race, religion, mental/physical handicaps or sexual orientation may result in your removal.

    So a few months back I gave tips to Clutch on the best way he could end his life.
    Clutch (as usual) cried to staff - I got banned.
    This round, ShayneHoover messages me telling me to die. I report to Storm + another staff, nothing. Not even a reply.

    I guess as he has a sub, he can do what he likes. It's worth mentioning, the round I was banned I didn't have a sub.

    Can we get some clarification on the rules please?
    Is there certain rules for supporters and free players? Point them out please, as I can't seem to find them.

    Thanks in advance.
    All my bats, bLiNd x

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    I've had my fair share of threatening messages that I never report but the difference is in the context.
    I had someone describe to me in detail how they would rape me and make my entire family watch and people describing how they would murder me

    anyways telling someone how to kill themselves vs someone telling you to die is different.
    I'm in no way associated with staff anymore and couldn't care but it depends on exactly what he said


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      Really, Blind?
      Game Admin


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        Just a FYI, discussing incestuous relations on the forum will get your posting rights removed for a few months, trust me. It's one of those unwritten rules that you find out about when Ink Slinger is a bit emotional.

        Do. Not. Talk. About. Incest.


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          Maybe there's a statute of limitations for individuals who constantly go out of their way to harass other players.

          This thread is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black, lol.


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            getting shot by a hoover is only going to suck. It won't actually kill you or hurt you in any way. to some it would be considered a sexual act.


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              What happened to freedom of speech? You can't really physically harm somebody online using words? Unless you say something like you know where somebody lives ect. That's insinuating stalking and possible danger to your body. So telling somebody they are this or their lives means this or whatever the "insult" who gives a shit.

              Get over it and if you can't use a block button... Don't be a crybaby snitch!