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TMB Rounds Reviews not really "round" reviews

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  • TMB Rounds Reviews not really "round" reviews

    Its been like for a pretty long time now
    But why don't we just call it EOR review, as most of the information is from the last few hours of the round.
    I know that is the most active time of the round as well, but that doesn't mean things don't happen early on in this round

    So, I was thinking about making a round reviews myself that would talk about some of the minor things that happen in throughout the whole 10 day round


    vendettas, small families/unions coming up, vets coming back in game, build offs, "mini" wars, union break ups, spies and fuckups, mass looting and killing etc.

    If these things don't happen, I probably won't make a review. and...
    Of course, if you all don't want to hear that stuff, I most likely won't do this and just leave the round reviews to the staff because I don't do stuff for credits, I do it for the compliments

    let me know what you all think

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    please do so and we ll take both your review and existing writer's one and combine em into one awesome review


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      that would be awesome. a view of the round from an actual player...
      Game Admin


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        Spade, why are you always so negative about everything?
        If you think you can do a better job, please step forward.
        You seem to know everything about who's doing what, when and who with, so show us your writing skills.

        Fear not, your poor spelling and grammar will be edited before it is published.

        Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Spade, TMB's newest blogger.

        Oh yeh, seeing as we all know your turn bank is already bursting, just do it for the love of the game, not some more free turns you will undoubtedly use to farm more of your multies.


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          ill write them if someone tell me what happen


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            please don't tempt spade....

            else we get a round review of three pages....
            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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              I would prefer 3 pages of what actually happened from spade vs the most recent reviews. In fact I prefer to just look at past results to the current written nonsense.

              To tell you the truth if for the most current ending 2 rounds there was a mid point picture of the prizes. then one three quarters and one a couple of hours before the eor I would actually prefer that to the written crap we are getting.


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                I think a certain family on this game have been overrun by trolls


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                  i don't get this? How is someone suppose to know what has happened if someone doesn't tell them what happened? Yes you have the results but the writer doesn't know who is who or what the thought process was unless someone tells them that. So if you want your point out there then tell the writer that... simple. or don't and just make stupid complaints whatever works.

                  i know i get a message from the writer after ever turbo and I tell him who was who and what happened and he writes it. Sometimes not the best but what do you want from them? some inside knowledge and insight of your family dealings when he wasn't in your family or decision making processes.

                  What i really think is the problem is that you don't like them getting free turns for it and that is fine but don't act like he isn't trying to do a good review. You could help out with this by giving info to them and getting your point of view across or you can keep bashing reviews and the reviewer and not giving any info to them in hopes that the site stops doing reviews so you get your goal not letting a reviewer get free turns.

                  but in the end doesn't that just make a more boring mafia site? i say have fun IU, loosen up, it's only a game, help out the reviewer and have fun with it.
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                    jeez give the reviewer a break. if you can do better then try. and people offer more information its just a game. spade sorry man but your comments are just ridiculous considering all of iu has been instructed not to say anything to the reviewer. how could he possibly get your side of the story completely accurate? stop taking yourselves so seriously and try to have some fun.

                    personally i think it would be really cool to have an accurate account of what happened during a round. look at all of the past round results and do all of you know what happened in them? probably a few old timers and with vague details. it would be cool to go back and read about it to remember what happened.

                    at least we have the player interviews because it gives us some history in the game that we usually don't get (thank you for everyone that does them).


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                      We don't tolerate rudeness to staff. If you get banned from forums or game for this, then the game rules have been applied to you.

                      There are polite ways to say the same things. Trying to be pushy and arrogant toward the staff in a rude manner, especially in a public forum, will get you banned very quickly from the forums, and if you continue, from the game itself. Game Rules trump free speech - and the simple principle about that is - don't be a prick when you speak to, or about us, a little manners will go a far way to you being heard. It is the same in real life. Plus this is a game not a country and, just like any country, we have our rules and laws. Read them.

                      I have been noticing a lack of respect to staff recently and while we don't like to fight with, or remove players, no one is exempt.

                      Back to normal programming and thread closed.
                      Game Admin