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    If you want to retain your new players how about some incentives like giving me so many brought credits for getting 5 new players to play for 4 consecutive rounds because the old 50 turns for referring new players doesnt cut it.

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        Normally i would say i wouldnt help a new player even if you paid me too but if the price is right then my human instincts kick in and I'd obviously take the money. Not to mention it would give me another aspect of gameplay or I could make it my mission to hunt down and make sure they dont ever log back in , that actually sounds way more fun.


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          If you werent asking for bought credits it wouldnt be a half bad idea. With the Training Grounds gone any decent idea for helping with new player retention will most likely be listened to. If you are in a union they help boost the notoriety value. Thats free cash that counts towards ranks.

          I mean thats all if you get no satisfaction out of helping a fellow man or woman.


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            Yeah I figured Brought credits is pushing it but like i said you gotta pay me


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              Id even lower your round retention from four rounds to three. Three rounds is a solid month. If you have engaged a new player and have them contributing for a month, thats hats off, they are most likely hooked.

              I could see it being hard to track. You would have to use the same family name for three rounds, the same player names for three rounds, and code it into the game to recognize that. Otherwise it would be a logistical nightmare for the game to try and track to properly reward

              But i do honestly like the idea itself. Id say 2500 turn reward to the recruiter, and 2500 turn reward to the recruitee, paid in won credits. Possibly 5k each, a month of activity might be worth it.

              Come up with a way for the game to track it easier and it could gain some steam for sure


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