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  • Just a friendly reminder about forum content

    The personal lives of players is not something that can be discussed on the forums, unless this information is something that they themselves choose to put out there. So If someone wants to make a thread about another players personal life, that has nothing to do with the game, that thread is going to be deleted. If a player makes a comment on a thread discussing their own personal life, that is obviously information they are choosing to share, so that will be fine.

    Use common sense. It isn't about trying to skirt the rules and posting things as close to the edge as possible. Its about using common sense and respecting the privacy of players.

    Also, if you cant be bothered to register your account, and you are showing as an unregistered guest, then your forum posts and comments on posts can be deleted, and we have no way to reach you, so bitching about that will also get you nowhere.