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    Hi Everyone

    So I have been thinking about a free for all round, so we can see who is the best team on the game.

    I guess I have been speaking about it for a bit, and i want to do it round after next.

    I want to do a 4 day round, starting day 8 - with the following ideas:

    - A turbo type turns round
    - We want players to join a family from the start/Families form early
    - No added turns
    - No ratios for turns add in
    - Subs are active/produce more turns than free
    - No jackpot prize, just won credits prizes top 5 ONLY in each tier
    - Everybody wins the same credits per tier [So we can start at 100k 1st, 75k second, 50k 3rd, 35k and 25k] - for each tier - no discrimination on prizes won per level for free and supporters
    - Banking set low at around 20%
    - Top 10 family ranks
    - transfers in family only
    - No leaving families
    - No bots

    So thats the basic idea. I am still not sure of:

    - family size
    - I want this to be about current game families proving their worth - so its
    how to get everyone to join a family early on? - maybe we need some pre-registration from families and we create a list of families, I need ideas here please
    - want to somehow just use the family units to compete so we can see fairly who does the best

    Ok I will readup for your feedback, the info here is vague but i am sure you all get the idea
    Game Admin

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    Sounds sweet.


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      Families at 25 or so. 30 max. No unions. Will it be a capped round to make it more fair for everyone?


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        Never mind. Just saw no added turns.


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          Originally posted by Big_Sarge View Post
          Never mind. Just saw no added turns.
          yes, we can retain levels but give some value back to free and smaller players with some nice prizes.
          Game Admin


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            I think it is a good idea, an opportunity to all the families to stand out as a team.


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              I love the idea of limited or no tier levels, and a low family bank percentage. So it will take a family working together to get a solid amount of money banked up, rather than two or three people banking all the money and then setting tiers to people who aren't online. I would say do a family size of 20. I like pre registering family members as well, so it keeps people from jumping ship and being rank whores. It will be teams of people that usually work together


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                Great idea !!

                I have a suggestion.
                - No subs bonuses , then everyone is on a level playing field.
                If a no subs bonus is not possible then i would propose OP hit cost the same as HQ hits.

                All it would take is 20-30 LVL 4 to band together and no one else would stand a chance.


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                  Interesting round rules. Team effort will be the key.


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                    So basically We're going back to the glory days ? Lol we should have to us turns to transfer lol that use to be the devastation of a bank roll !


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                      love it.... hell yeah


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                        So basically the team with the most subs will win most of the ranks?


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                          Originally posted by Reckaholic View Post
                          So basically the team with the most subs will win most of the ranks?
                          This doesn't have to be the case, we are limiting turns that can be added, I have often played turbo rounds in the past where ranks are stolen by smaller families

                          Also only one rank per tier per family, the same is hard coded like that, so....No...your statement is not true....each family can possibly win family prizes and 6 spots - 1 in each tier
                          Game Admin


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                            I think it could be fun and different.
                            Will there also be bots activated or will they be shut off for the mini?


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                              Why was my post removed? You wanted feedback... I said I don't think these are good rules. It's an extended turbo round, with no bots and no JP, where level 4s will dominate and get increased prizes.

                              I don't dont vote for these rules, and I don't think the round will prove who the best family is.

                              What you need is everyone lvl 1, no credits added, and bots to loot. That's how you find out who the best fam is.