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    Wait a sec i got level 3 rank, even if it was just like 7th, whatchu trynna say willis -AR15


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      Originally posted by Don_Domenico View Post
      What exactly are you bragging about?

      Clutch is being clutch. He just won a turbo for himself by pulling all money from his family, so no one else but him ranked. No family turns. Which fine. Maybe it was a plan, or he'll it's winning a round, maybe he just thought it was worth it

      But then he takes what, half the main round cash to rank himself again, what, four days later? He could have got level three gold for a member. Or actually ranked someone else in level four.

      But no, he had to take both ranks for himself

      Wake the fuck up. Clutch is who he is. Enjoy your little time where you are actually relevant, because it's not going to last.
      Lol! Jk thats sad! Bam-bam shoulda got the turbo win and/or the level 4 bronze in main! Dude deserves "A" medal for being online 24/7 looting!


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        I find it hilarious that Clutch the boss thats taking over further slaps his soldiers in the face by refusing to build after sending them off to a war they cannot win


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          Originally posted by ROME_GOTTI View Post
          Yo why can't it be that we bought our own subs ? Dom DONT act righteous because you bought your fam in the beginning lol
          Yo, because you didnt.

          Dom didnt, technically, buy us in the beginning, most of us were thrown in as part of a furniture package deal that also included a set of Japaneses steak knives.

          The knives are still sharp as a tack...
          LLSU FYUU LLBU


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            Ok so just to update you on the doubl3e purchase

            - i refunded one sub in full: $65 back to your paypal acc

            - i also refunded 50% [$32.50] to your account, we have a discount running now

            - i have cancelled both subs from auto renewing

            Please dont hesitate to call on me if you get any further problems

            thanks !!
            Hope off my dick bitches like I said never a rankehore ever