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Thank You Storm !

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  • Thank You Storm !

    for making it soo we cant leave or be kicked from familys. this is brilliant for me... because now I can join family rape em all and not be kicked for it hahahaha... everybody better whatc out COS IMMAHHH CUMMING !!!!!!! AND AM CUMMMINNGGG IN HAAAAARRRRDD !!!!!. ITS REVENGE TIME !!!!! IMAHH LAUNCH THE WRATH OF GOD !!!
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    That's 100% proppa


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      We are still busy working on the uploads and will keep you all posted , there are some bugs from the first lot that is going to be fixed then we will install the prizes display

      I am going to have to work on extending time for unions and families and single players somehow.

      I will keep you all posted
      Game Admin


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        you should also needa do the same to unions aswell so familys that join unions cant leave or be kicked to lol. ....I also wished I a read the rules this round.... nevermind... next round THE WRATH OF GOD STARTS !!!
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          that poor family
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