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Dr H. Seeker wants to resolve your love life

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  • Dr H. Seeker wants to resolve your love life

    Following the critically acclaimed first edition of Lonely Hearts with Dr H. Seeker I am now accepting submissions from our wonderfully sexually repressed and eternally single community. And best of all, your dilemmas in your heart and in your sack will be judged on by the of the community (double win if you love voyeurism).

    But don't take my word for it. Here are some quotes from critics who absolutely adored our last publication:

    "I hate this guy so fucking much I actually got testicular torsion from the pile of wank of a submission. Can someone please punch this guy in the face?"
    Storm - TMB Admin Extraordinaire/Right Hand Man to Mr Moneybags himself, Larbi.

    "Brilliant debut, with hilarious insight into the love lives of the TMB community. Cannot think of anything wrong with this blog at all. 10/10

    P.S. He definitely is not using my puppy as blackmail for this positive review. Definitely not the case."
    IronCladLuke, bona fide Australian patriot and also soon to be reunited with his labrador

    To submit a piece, please message me in-game, reply to this thread or pass on via a third party and TMB's very own literacy madame (Blogger).

    Au revoir

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    Dear Dr Seeker.
    I write to you on behalf of a very dear friend of mine.
    He came to me recently to discuss his obsession with a fellow tmb'er. He has known her for a long time in game, and has always admired her.
    His attempts to win over her mutual passion are often cockblocked by other tmb'ers hungry for her, who have bigger cocks.
    I, oopps i mean he, needs some advice on how he can get a vag pic in exchange for the peen pic he recently sent.

    All my bats, ( on behalf of my friend)
    bLiNd x


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        Bumpity bump bump