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Howdy all. Some clarification on posts and rules rollout

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  • Howdy all. Some clarification on posts and rules rollout

    Many posts have been made on the GRD lately about the rollout of the new rules

    Most to all of these posts have been deleted.

    This is not a reflection of not caring about player opinion or the staff trying to "hide" issues

    We are well aware of the ups and downs of implementing the new rules, and are working with the coder and developer to make this transition as smooth as possible.

    We will ask that players mail the game staff in game if/when any glitches are found. Please feel free to message more than just Storm on this, any Mod plus Tiki can help analyze problems and pass the message to the right person.

    Also please refrain from bashing or challenging the new rules on the GRD. Once they are all implemented and found to be working in the manner intended, then it will be opened up to players to make any and all comments on validity and strategy of them.

    This being said, yes there will be more changes to come, and no they will not all be dropped at once. These issues work fine in test rounds, and then when implemented live some need tweaking. We roll out the new rules in stages so they can be perfected one round at a time, instead of everything being madness all at once.

    Consider this a warning on making new threads about this topic. Continue to do that, and your posting abilities will be frozen.

    I will leave this thread open for comments, but if they are unproductive, then i will be locking it.


    Capt West

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    warnings are scary.


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      So your basically telling players that to shut up and listen to you, but not to have an opinion or point out faults


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        i like the deleting of the posts because that makes room for some more interesting funny mr worker posts.


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          Originally posted by Friday View Post
          So your basically telling players that to shut up and listen to you, but not to have an opinion or point out faults
          Players, groups of players will always have opinions and also always have some issues with rules if they dont seem to be favorable to that group or person and will become vocal and make it seem as if it is the end of the world in our public forum. As staff we have a full right to curtail posts on such occasions when it is done to put the entire game in a negative light just because one faction or person does not like something, and then makes everything look like doom and gloom, or try to make the work we do look stupid to everyone else including newcomers to the game.

          You are entititled to your opinion and of course if something [ruling] is really downright stupid and mentioned as an oversight [by us] then fine and well, if done in a decent non confrontational way, we would attend to it... but we are not going to allow anyone to further their personal agendas to try to apply pressure on the changes we are making and encourage that you use public game facilities to do so. We are responsible for the morale of the game and we will do what is required to uphold that.

          We do have personal mailboxes and if you have legitimate concerns, complaints and even just want to bitch about something, then fine, use that, message us, we are here to listen to you but we are not here to be pressured by anyone to be told how to run the game. That would be biase in how we do business.

          Thread closed

          Thank you.
          Game Admin