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[IU + Allies] and the long story about FROZEN MAFIOSO

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  • [IU + Allies] and the long story about FROZEN MAFIOSO

    There are so many frozen IU players every round and mostly they get unfrozen.
    What do you think about this and why you think they get unfrozen?
    Not to mention that IU takes most of the JPs and Ranks, silly yes, but it is like it is!

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    Thank you for this topic
    Yes this is a real problem! I see frozen IU players every round. Also el chapo got frozen yesterday but is unfozen now.


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      I agree.... Even though staff do not discuss reasons for accounts being frozen, I think we need a response and justification in regards to this


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        Ok they got frozen then unfrozen you dont know the circumstances of why they got banned i. The first pkace i can tell ya ive been banned more times then anyone in the hostory of tmb last month alone ive made 120 accounts but im done doing this lol it was fun but now its time to stop what eva the reason im sure staff is looking at it with an objective point of view and decide wether the bamn sgould be permanent or not


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          yea i dont care if YOU get frozen but if players who win JP and RANKS on a regular base get frozen this concernes me!


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            When there is any sort of problems, rules violations, or anything irregular, with accounts in any way, we will first freeze, while we investigate. if the outcome is favorable, for the player, we will unfreeze

            Game Admin