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Revenges are they obsolete???

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  • Revenges are they obsolete???

    So i had an encounter with someone from ic and we talked about the value of a revenge he seems to think they dnt need to use the revenge option bc you dnt need it. Very true you dnt but my point was its easier to wipe of dus with revenge then with out. Whats your opinion tmb????

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    While were on the subject of revenges i think its unfair that the opp option isnt on there. Bc if a person who build opps makes a hit then he should be subjected to losing opps if he got the balls to hit someone. This. Is a oneside notion for collectors to be protected i think its bullshit and needs to be changed immediately.


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      your obsolete

      go home fool


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        Dam your girl told me the same about you as well??? Crazy right lol


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          I do agree to both points, the reason for the change in revenge's is now unnecessary as transfers with in family's is now allowed.

          Make things interesting make the revenge's the way they were originally!!


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            Lol then all the cry babies will flood storms and tikis inboxes all the new players would jump ships lol


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              Most of the players now would crumble if we went back to old school tmb and not bc they suck well that to but its foreign to rhem since they werent here for those times but if they were im sure they'd love it