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  • Jamrock the dictator

    Oh Jamrock,

    Almighty master of tmb, please lead us all in the right direction to play at your level of expertise. You had so many things you wanted to change and so many people you wanted to boot, I'm sorry it didn't happen. I should have let you make the changes, so the family could operate like the dictatorship you wanted it to be. Oh, and the members you wanted to boot, so many I can't keep count, all for what you called "under-performing." It's tough to meet your standards, though; you said you wanted a family that looted 60 trillion a round, and you were leaving to create it. I guess that is why you tried to recruit our members. I hate that you left, really going to be tough without your direction, I don't even know what to do now.. am I allowed to sneeze? I feel one coming on and don't want to bother the great dictator. I hope you get your "60 trillion" looting family together I just feel sorry for those that join you because once they are told what to do for so long, it will be hard for them to tie their shoes by themselves without asking permission. Oh, and God forbid they don't meet your standards, shew if I had booted everyone you wanted to be booted based on "under-performing" I wouldn't have a family left. We're really going to miss the great Jamrock, from the requests of booting multiple members to the tantrums when you didn't get your way. I feel like you, and Maximus have a lot in common. Great idea Jamrock, you can recruit him for your upcoming elite looter family, maybe he can help come up with the 59.5 trill you will need since you average looting amount isn't even 500 bill, but that's the plan, right? Get all these top looters so you can take advantage of them while you sit back and watch your credits grow? That's a good plan Jamrock. Sorry, I don't take advantage of my members but when I do ill make sure to look up your "elite looting" family.

    Benny B
    Last edited by benny; 01-21-2017, 07:29 PM.

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    Tru story!
    In broad daylight!


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      Make ayy post about how skids anal raped fh bennyboy


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        Could this have been said in a private message?


        Am I glad it wasn't?


        This is better than Springer!


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          can i join the 60t family? i can loot 2t of that now all we need is 58t more


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            Yes a private message would of been better in this matter, Your obviously doing this post for attention. I hope he proves you wrong.


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              more or less a warning for others. I hope he proves me wrong, too.