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Rumours about chopperjos feet - not on my watch !!!!!!!!!

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  • Rumours about chopperjos feet - not on my watch !!!!!!!!!

    I dint know about you but there comes a time when you gotta stand up and be counted, and my time has come.

    Now then, it has come to my attention that certain members of the tmb community have little respect for theamazing ladys that contribute to this fine game and casually hurl insults regarding them to all and sundry. OK hardly breaking news and generally these fuckwits with dillusions of adequacy are paid little attention, unfortunately tho it seems a situations has arisen from a a throw away comment about one of our beloved gals which is now gathering pace.

    Chopperjos feet are not manly in anyway way shape or form, yes a bit on the large side but female none the less, the current rumour that she had her feet hacked off when a drug deal went bad and the only available pair available for transplant were a blokes is simply not true, the person who started this rumour is one sick monkey who really needs to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

    I hope this situation has now been clarified and no further childish sasquatch messages are sent to chopperjo

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    feet? have u seen her face or especially her sisters face


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      "Feet hacked off when a drug deal went bad" LOL


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        It's not her feet that worry me, it's what's growing on them.....

        vbb, really? any need at all?


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          fuck off chopperrjos ma lady lol id beat that shit up real quick


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            I heard a salty took her feet. #justsayin


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              Haha fuck off cunts!!


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                This is gold