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im very lucky to have my crew - a VBP history

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  • im very lucky to have my crew - a VBP history

    VBP history ……

    My story

    Well to start it was built on hate, 2 guys brought together who under usual circumstances would be kicking fuck outta each other, ladies and gentlemen I give you TAMMYGUNZ an BUGGERLUGZ

    The formative years I ran with ACE, a good crew however I was easily led, ended up in a looting fam for a round ran by Lips of Pissheads, was a good set up we fucked about but ganked real good numbers, I loved my ACE crew but this was sexy, exciting I fucking thrived on it after the shit of how regimented fams were back then

    The looter fam disband at EOR so I said to tammygunz, a long time foe, so wtf ya doing now……..

    Yeah we bromanced, wow the guys n gals that signed up were a real experience, a real rollercoaster, it was as funny as fuck, the fam board was on fire, we ganked n ranked then did fuck all and ranked
    No one 527ed more than us, looting was great tho I dint get involved too much

    We where there when it happened

    I checked my account, ive been here officially since 2007, in reality a few years earlier

    Ive seen so much come and go and yet be oblivious to it, im very lucky to have my crew, current and previous member, bonds are made, have been made, weve seen off so many die hard fams (hhahahahahahahha) its untrue, this my friends is a tribute to true VBP personnel, I salute you all for the journey, its far from over, hop on as and when you want, if you’ve been touched you never forget


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    lol i got to know you two reprobates so far back its daft... lugz you was always a wild card, but i liked ya.. and tammy too.. like u my account says started 2006.. but i left game 2005.. personal probs.. dont matter.

    long may you two and ur crew have fun and raise hell


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      Get a room


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        ACE was good shit even being a structured family, your partner in crime there elevated the class level.

        That was the last normal family I messed with before joining the circus.