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Greatest memory of The Mafia Boss

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  • Greatest memory of The Mafia Boss

    What is your greatest memory of tmb? The moment that always sticks out in your mind.

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    Every round because I'm lucky enough to be in the top 3 FAMS that take it turns to win the jackpot . That is if......TIS BEHAVE !!!!!


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      Someone who USED to be really close to me, ganking Gondengates bank.

      we used to be close, then he gave an interview and didn’t mention me.

      now he’s dead (to me at least)


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        The day bishop beat betty and Thelma at bingo and shouted everyone a earl grey tea


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          Ever notice that earl grey tea with sugar tastes like frootloop cereal?
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            Probably the time Hype attacked Benny and forgot to buy guns, suiciding millions of dus for nothing lol.


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              greatest tmb memory, theres a question, I don’t really follow the bigger picture so no doubt have missed out on many things, heres a few of the memories that spring to mind that ive been involved in

              I don’t know wholl remember the round, I don’t myself in that much detail, however a rule change was in place that meant there was no maxing, we were running a full on looting crew at the time and had done ok but on final day we had no one left with dus to dump our cash on so we had to basically take turns holding the cash and protect every 60 seconds by hiring 60. Were on the run in to EOR and were getting a little thin on the ground and kid vengeance has ended up with the $$$ and has been protecting for around 3 hours, it’s a few hours to go and I log back in and see that our $$$ is still intact, great I thought then I got a message “LUGZ TAKE THIS FUCKING $$$ RIGHT NOW I NEED TO CHANGE MY PANTIES AS IVE PISSED MYSELF RATHER THAN MISS A PROTECT”. I think we ended up ranking her for that, true dedication.

              Another time we had had a bit of an altercation with a new fam that appeared to be all female so we decided wed join them a few rounds later and fuck around, obviously not under our usual names as we wouldn’t get in so 4 or 5 of us took appropriate names and hung about waiting to be recruited, which happened quite easily, in fact we had an abundance of invites. Once in the fam we decide we best try to fit in so that we could hang around a while and consider what manner our fucking with them will take, so we post the odd message on the fam board when theres something happening on there, keeping it short and to the point so as not to reveal ourselves, then brad decides to try and blend in with a lil girl chat on the family board along the lines of “hey sisters my cunts bleeding right now anyone elses???” sort of gave the game away, booted and the rest of us didn’t last long, yet another failed mission care of floridas finest.

              I think my greatest memory regarding personal achievement was when chopperjo lost her internet for a week and so wasn’t in game and I announced on grd that it was with great regret that I had to inform friends and foes of chopperjos that she would not be online for the foreseeable future due to being convicted of drug dealing and beating her kids, it was so unusual for her to be absent for a day there was a lot of people convinced it was true, funny as fuck when she showed back up a week later


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                Da secret getting his shit pushed in all of rd 1063 for being a weeb with a bodypilllow



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                  Getting my comment deleted from forum, highlighting my exact point of the previous comment.


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                    Originally posted by JoeyDeuce View Post
                    What is your greatest memory of tmb? The moment that always sticks out in your mind.
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                      Nov 11th, 2007

                      my first account ban