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Have you got what it takes for blogs?

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  • Have you got what it takes for blogs?

    We are currently looking to recruit a player to write the turbo review each round. If you have the skills to write an interesting blog about the turbo then we have the skills to adequately compensate you this.

    We are also looking for another editor to join our blog team. The right applicant will be taught all the skills required for this and will be suitable compensated for their time.

    We are always looking for freelance writers - this can be on any subject and in any format you like as long as our readers will find it interesting. We will compensate for each blog published.

    If you are interested in any of the above positions then please contact Ink-Slinger in game.

    skype = tmbtiki

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    My theory is the ability to write defies the majority.


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      Sperm has the skills but the question is, can you handle the load?