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    Originally posted by Chukalonee View Post
    One thing you might consider is the little packs of boosters that go suiciding and if the player loses an attack what effect it will have on the outcome. There is a bunch of retarded boosters in the game now. Suicides should be punished. Let the suicider lose their shit but have zero affect on the person the are attacking. In fact this isn't a terrorist game so make it a serious penalty.

    Losing du's won't be enough punishment?

    It's one way of killing a 1/4 armed du's. (boost them so other high build players can take them out)
    Exitus Acta Probat


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      shits gonna get real here soon


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        sounds good, nothing wrong experimenting with new ideas from time to time. mix it up, there is always room for revisions and additions


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          or something like that...please excuse the poor grammar and word usage


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            Originally posted by Spade305 View Post
            Lol when did I get married? And this game is supposed to be for adults, so yes if an adult threatens to steal my kfc bucket id beat the shit out of them too.
            so your not married ? OK, you wouldn't have a KFC bucket youd have a clowns pocket ahhhh


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              You know at the end of the day its a game. Do I want the advantages and conveniences a sub affords me or do I want to work my way around any set of rules to get something out of the game through using my knowledge of players and what they will likely do given certain actions and what I believe to be the most efficient use of limited turns.

              Some of you guys are talking to Storm like he is some kind of new kid on the block. The game is always going to revolve around what turns you have, and if you are free player how much time you want to dedicate for yourself or family. But there will never be a set of rules where talking on the forum pays off, or making some bad choices using turns and your time makes you weighted down with medals. There will never

              Look forward to the new roll out of rules Storm. Sooner the better.


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                Thanks Toodles

                I do believe that the rule set we are working on [which rolls out over the next 3 weeks] is going to address a lot of issues and provide much better game emjoyment for everyone. It has been a long time last I have felt so enthusiastic that we have found some good solutions that should make the game more enjoyable.

                As I said:

                1) We setup the colatteral damage - happening in round 587
                2) We fix the attack rate that ops get killed, and reduce the amount of turns to hit business again.....and very simply explaining the principle - if someone spent 16 hours and 7500 turns to build some ops they should NOT get killed in one TOH by someone who used 50 turns to attack and is going for a killer medal, its not fair to the collector gameplay - period.
                3) Removal of kill counts being stolen and looted
                4) The new super secret rule/game setup change which I am so excited about

                Game Admin


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                  I'm excited to know the 4). !!!

                  Exitus Acta Probat


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                    And battle trophies removed? As this is the one thing everyone complains about. I understand your tryimg to make game fair for collectors. But how is it fair that the killer ranks are flooded with collectors?

                    Other than that excellent work.


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                      read again. he removed bt's.


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                        So are Bts still going to be able to be generated?


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                          3) Removal of kill counts being stolen and looted

                          Thats about losing your battle trophies still means collectors will be getting battle trophies.


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                            Its not about making the game fair for collectors, it is about bringing back the balance to the game where players dont just logon and get killed for no reason in the first 3 days of a 10 day round. This is NOT a first person shooter game. The mentality where you just logon and kill everything is what made the game get to a stage where there is no balance, and no strategy, or reason to play with strategy, because players just logon to kill everything in sight then logoff

                            Why does the round last 10 days then? We could just rather have it [a round] every 2-3 days and everyone gets zeroed and we start a new round. Somewhere along the line the strategy to play this game got lost by too much mentality of killing for rank points. This was a mafia game where big groups of players focussed on making money via collecting and looting and player banks and if you stepped out of line you got whacked and possibly your whole family....if families didnt like things they went to war on other families, if players insulted each other the wrong way war was started between families, they didnt just go and attack everything in sight for ranks and for no reason.

                            This game was never about quick fix rewards and FPS killing. Thats why I fell in love with it, and we had many great players who filled the boards with funny, intelligent posts and lots of war arguments going on - and when this mentality of "kill everything in sight" came into the game they all left. So this mentality has got to change if this game is to be more fun than it is now.
                            Game Admin


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                              About killing rules to come:

                              Points will be generated but players who go out and kill will be successful in getting top ranks. The generation amount is way less than what you can earn killing through a round.

                              Yes we will lose the aspect of being able to loot kill points, and yes collectors who hold onto their DU's will generate a certain amount of points, and if you ask yourself the reason it is because we want to slow down the attrition rate of killing through the 10 day round and bring back reasons why you kill into the game as explained in my post above.

                              When everything gets killed too early the game goes dead and no one wants to play. Killers have no targets, collectors have no ops.
                              Game Admin


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                                Like I always used to say when I played: when the rules change I dont bitch [ I know its hard when you are used to playing a certain way and it changes, so I understand] but rather try to adapt and change the way you play, you might end up having more fun than playing the way you used to.

                                Anyway you are all going to have to hang tight until all the rules changes come into effect in the next few weeks to see how it all works.
                                Game Admin