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    Good day fellow mafiosos,
    The fine gentlemen of Skidmark United have been conducting a super top secret experiment beneath your not-so-keen noses. Please rest assured that the Scientific Method has been rigorously enforced and the data has been scrutinized by peerless professionals.

    The Observation:
    An enraged Eck traveling about the cities of TMB, assaulting the innocent and upstanding operatives of the masses, his kilt in a twist and haggis in his beard. While he paces at the gates of Skidmark Mansion, a not so crazy hypothesis is born…

    The Hypothesis:
    Can a profile picture of a wee baby sheep activate a primal instinct buried deep within the Silly Scot? Will his primordial shepherding skills rise to the surface and cause a change of heart? We were determined to find out.

    Conducting the Experiment:
    I quickly put up a high-resolution photo of an incredibly cute, wee baby sheep and hoped for the best. Moments later, MickyKnox wisely expanded the testing parameters by changing his profile pic to an adorable pair of baby calves. We admitted to flying blind as we weren’t quite sure what livestock could possibly be the trigger. InYo would play the antagonist, sending prodding messages while smattering them with sly references to pasture loving animals. This is the point where the data started coming in…

    The Dataset:
    The first hits to our Ops were telegraphed, we saw them coming and InYo’s messages guaranteed Eck would hit us until he had a cramp in his clicking finger. It was beautiful, the data poured in while the Scot hit every Skid in his range, we were quickly maxed for the hour. While we waited for the next TOH there were several high fives and more than one, totally non-homosexual, pats on the butt. The next TOH rolled around, followed by more of the same assaults to our hustlers, whores, and card dealers.

    The data was in a downward spiral. We were in troubleshooting mode. Was it the actual timing of the experiment? Was he more likely to trigger during the Spring when the livestock were actually hatching? Has Eck lost his shepherding instincts forever by choosing to live in a metropolitan area? We were very close to scrapping the entire project. And that’s when it happened…he just stopped. A sudden calm enveloped his entire being and he was content, we can only speculate about the thoughts going through his mind. We assume there were dreams a wayward sheep, it’s head stuck in a shoddy fence, and no one else around for miles.

    It is possible to modify destructive behavior with suggestive cues; Positive triggers are most effective when tailored to the individual’s lineage.

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    are your asses pounding as much as your head's?????


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      Originally posted by Maximus_Constanino View Post
      are your asses pounding as much as your head's?????
      I am not quite sure what you mean here, Mr Minim, can you elaborate on the question?
      If you could provide me with some reference points, I will get back to you on the details.
      Thankyou for your interest though.


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        It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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            "Positive triggers are most effective when tailored to the individual’s lineage."


            A propaganda technique is an improper appeal to emotion used for the purpose of swaying the opinions of an audience. The following propaganda techniques are common:

            1. Bandwagon: This technique involves encouraging people to think or act in some way simply because other people are doing so. For example: "All your neighbors are rushing down to Mistri Motors to take advantage of this year-end sale. You come, too!"

            2. Snob appeal: This technique involves making a claim that one should act or think in a certain way because of the high social status associated with the action or thought. For example: "Felson’s Furs – the feeling of luxury, for those who can afford the very best."

            3. Vague, undefined terms: This technique involves promoting or challenging an opinion by using words that are so vague or so poorly defined as to be almost meaningless. For example: "Try our new and improved, all-natural product."

            4. Loaded words: This technique involves using words with strong positive or negative connotations, or associations. Name-calling is an example of the use of loaded words. So is any use of words that are charged with emotion. For example: "No really intelligent voter would support his candidacy."

            5. Transfer: This technique involves making an illogical association between one thing and something else that is generally viewed as positive or negative. For example: " The American pioneers worked hard because they cared about the future. If you can about the future of your family, then see your agent at Pioneer Insurance."

            6. Unreliable testimonial: This technique involves having an unqualified person endorse a product, action, or opinion. For example: "Hi, I’m Bart Bearson. As a pro-football quarterback, I have to be concerned about my health. That’s why I take Pro-Ball Vitamin Supplements."
            Avoid using propaganda techniques in your own speech and writing, and be on the alert for these techniques in the speech and writing of others. Look for these techniques when watching television or looking a published ads (magazines or newspaper)


            It is proved that association of ideas/project/inducing thought patterns/behavioral instincts/ are way more effective when associated with positive thought patterns/emotions/encouragement produce a more last longing desired effect and productive behavior towards the individual or masses being addressed.

            A more up-to date of our days used by companies/states/individual businesses include:

            1. Glittering Generalities
            Words of praise for product or person; nice words like goodness or patriotism.
            2. Name Calling
            Trash-talking another product or person
            3. Testimonial
            A famous person recommends a product or a political endorsement
            4. Plain Folks
            Appeals to regular people and their values such as health, family and patriotism
            5. Bandwagon
            An appeal to be part of the group
            6. Transfer
            An appeal that helps a person imagine themselves as part of a picture
            7. Card-stacking
            Manipulating information to make a product appear better than it is, often by unfair comparison or omitting facts

            *there are quite a few more techniques on behavioral manipulation (individuals or masses) used in behavioral psychology since their implemented by the the forefathers of propaganda(which being the nazis, from which they were developed and adapted after the ww2 by the USA, and the shift from the word "PROPAGANDA" with negative connotation to "PUBLIC RELATIONS" a positive one when as a matter of fact are the same thing.


            Peace and respect to all TMB community. One of the greatest, fun, competitive online games.



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                Thank you for your reply Akira! You have obviously provided some very detailed information for defining and recognizing propaganda. Again, thank you. The flaw in your argument is not recognizing that propaganda requires opinions (which can be ambiguous and messy) as a way to change behaviors. We have managed to evade this pitfall by scientifically providing proof with absolutely zero opinion, we merely ran the tests and put the results out for you to draw your own conclusions. Science is based in fact, and we take our science very seriously.

                Best Regards,


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                  Do not read this while drunk


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                    After rereading carefully through your experiment, and if anything went as it was wrote by yours, then definitely my reply was a flaw. Yes they both have a mutual relation in between, but what i realized as you said, it was an exact experiment being conducted and with defined conclusions. As of mine was a certain set of tactical-inducing behavioral pattern shifters with a resultative efficiency depending on the susceptibility of the audiences. (on a broad sense of speaking )

                    Your experiment was defined, well structured and as i read it timed out. Now i may be wrong, but how i see your experiment may fall under the psychological observation-intervention due to the stimulus(pictures, quotes) being added to produce a specific reaction. This is really impressing.



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                      Flattery will get you everywhere Akira. I apologize if my response was interpreted as anything more than an attempt to keep the science relatively pure. We realize the importance of this experiment and it's applications in clinical psychology and other forms of voodoo.
                      However, we make no recommendations to it's ultimate use or it's application to any situation/case study. Thank you for your interest.

                      Best wishes,


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                        "However, we make no recommendations to it's ultimate use or it's application to any situation/case study. Thank you for your interest."



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                          Originally posted by AKIRA View Post
                          "However, we make no recommendations to it's ultimate use or it's application to any situation/case study. Thank you for your interest."

                          Because by releasing our results publicly, for the test subject to see, the experiment becomes impossible to replicate.

                          *Legal Disclaimer*
                          The results of our experiment have been released with the hope that they will be usesful, but without warranty. The results are provided "as is" without warranty either expressed or implied. Including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk, if you choose to use this information is with you.


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                            What do you refer as "science" or "our science" ? May you be explicit about it.


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                              Originally posted by AKIRA View Post
                              What do you refer as "science" or "our science" ? May you be explicit about it.
                              Unless I am misunderstanding your question, my reference of "science" and "our science" is best described in the most literal and basic sense. It's not as if we are walking around the Skid Mansion in lab coats, reminiscing and professing our undying love for a specific Texas Instruments scientific calculator. (It's the TI-84 btw, the on board games are an excellent study time waster. Matty loves "Drug Wars!" and Sexual Chocolate's favorite is "BomberMan". )

                              -the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

                              Once again, thank you for your interest in our experiment.