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Death to the mafia game.

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  • Death to the mafia game.

    question is what is the real root of the problem of the dropping numbers of these type of games? is the rules, families, admin,zero game, supporters. I say no.

    just like video killed the radio star.

    It's my belief that skype is the death of the mafia game.

    I'm old enough to remember tmb before skype or other programs like it. Skype might have been around but hardly anyone was on it. It was a different game, a totally different feel. They are many different reasons for this different feel but skype is one major one.

    With skype enemies of each other got to know each other easier and found out they're not that bad, actually they were pretty cool and soon decided it was better to work together than fight each other. Organizing and communication got easier and naturally all the hardcore players found one and another. Creating monopolies and having these monopolies better organized and more dominate. Dominate monopolies caused people to feel left out to quit playing or go find greener pastors elsewhere. Knowing each other better also made betrayal more hurtful and wounds became deeper and caused people not wanting to be part of it and leaving.

    also the success of these games caused a lot of copycat games to start to up and with the help of skype and the fact everyone knew each other these games could easily attract players that wanted greener pastors and this caused people leaving mafia games for other mafia games.

    big box stores are feeling the same type of squeeze with all the internet shopping.

    In the end there it's not any rule change, admin decision, family, or anything else that deceased player pool it was natural process of getting information better and faster.

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    Skype has nothing to do with how this gane is being play today


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      play ps4 and xbox is better than tmb
      probably the game has to renovate, but is a risk too. how can you turn the site to become more popular.

      for me playing the game is more nostalgic for the dudes i met here while playing than actually fun lol
      not active nowadays


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        Let me guess Eli_462... u were on MSN chat back than


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          He has several valid points. Honestly Mafia games are a dying breed and have been on the decline for years as have most Text Based MMORPG's.


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            oh i'm sure spinless people like yourself, 'da secret', hopping around like bunnies from family to family just for another rank or medal are kind of annoying as well and in the end make...or made a lot of efforts futile

            old rules got thousands to play here but if certain people change rules faster than the weather and then allow a family like iu to go rampage for years with the help of family killer ranks and you're suddenly left with a few hundred players i'm sure there are other more valid points to mention....but people prefer ignoring that

            so yea let's blame something skype or the invasion of ukrain

            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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              It's true. MSN was much better than Skype. That has gotta be the reason TMB and other mafia games are dying/ have died.


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                V? is that you? lol. How ya been buddy?

                I don't know if jumping around is the word I would use. In 5+ years I was apart of maybe 3 families for more then 5 rounds total? Also I didn't say he was 100% correct just that what he said carried some merit. A lot of people played this game for the community and as technology changes people are able to communicate elsewhere easier then here (Skype, Facebook etc) rather then old school things like messages, boards and chatzy. Yes, when the rules changed it caused people (Omerta) who had the game in their lap for so many years to leave as the easy monopoly they had was no longer around. It rewarded those who went against the grain in hopes of making a few bucks and ultimately lead to another union in control who were less open to letting others work with them (IU) and eliminate a style of gameplay they disliked and threatened their new monopoly (collecting). What I'm trying to say is the game has been dying for many years and honestly will continue to do so as most text based mmo's do. There are several factors that go into that and each hold their own weight.


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                  Hmmm got to disagree with this one. I have been playing this game since about round 30. It is true, skype has only been used for about 5 years or so, but before that everyone here had msn, from round 30 onwards. There is hardly any difference with skype and msn, well except skype could be used for group calls and video calls but most of us only use the messaging function.

                  Like mentioned above, chatzy was used to run big wars etc etc which could fit a lot of people into a war room with minimal problems, ie needing everyone usernames. I know from my own experience I was probably in my first war room around round 50.

                  So yeah, this technologies have always been used by players of this game


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                    i blame COD and Halo

                    though i don't play anymore and just come on for a noisy or chat


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                      I would say that if it weren't for social engineered programs such as skype and msn, people wouldn't orient themselves around TMB as much.

                      My basis for thinking this is simple. I never gave a shit about being in a family or union, until i was in a family that used chatzy. It was an incredible display of team work- and social interaction that made me enjoy tmb for more than just hate mail and killing.


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                        A game has to have some balance in order for there to be motivation to play. It doesnt matter what it is. There is a few that like there to be odds stacked against them and still thrive but overall most want some probability that they will have a shot at winning. The average player hasn't got a prayer with the game tilted and will eventually just throw up their hands and say fuck it. Doesnt have much to do about anything from a technology standpoint I don't think. And I can tell that it isnt really too safe to talk on the chats within the game as I get a lag when chatting and when I capture the convo it is being non private. So with close friends I use other devices to communicate most of the time.


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                          Skype and chatzy had nothing to do with the decline of the game. If anything, it helped the game by bringing families closer together. I can remember doing family and voice chats to strategize and coordinate attacks. Chats were a tool that families used to help them gain an edge on other families.

                          The reason people left for other games is because new games actually afforded the opportunity to WIN a round. The games were new, players were new (all learning to play at the same time) and no one was sitting on hundreds of thousands of turns, so it was actually easier (and cheaper) to challenge someone in a new game. After awhile those “new” games grew stale too and started to lose members to even newer games. Case in point EMW.

                          Call it the “right of passage”… and not much can be done about it. It happens with all games and once it happens, it’s very difficult to rectify.


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                            Blah blah blah.

                            Did you ever consider that you are so boring talking about the death of the game so much that people eventually get tired of hearing crying babies and whining donkeys.