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  • Family Killing Pontifications

    I wasnt here too much before the entire killing medals for family was eliminated. Maybe 6 months.

    There was certainly some issues with people getting boosted in net worth. Farming kills from friendlies. Several other vagaries that occurred as well and I was shown how in effect killing was a better way to go for a family because not only did the family get killing medals but the individual with the big killing points also got to keep the kills for individual killing rewards. This differing from the collecting where a family has to decide between family and individual ranks.

    I am a strong believer that all aspects of the core parts of the game being active makes the game more enjoyable. Eventually therefore I think killing a bot or looting a bot is going to lose its appeal.

    I think that there was some unbalance to the game when the killing family rewards in its old format was going but I think if we had to bank the kills for family killing medals it would provide an additional activity.

    The other reason for bring this back up is that people tend to fall under certain umbrellas of what activity they enjoy doing the most. Some good players that were here for long periods of time like Jumbo you don't see any longer because they tended to enjoy killing more then collecting. I think some people would come back to the game if the family killing was returned.

    People are getting their dus zeroed now anyway so there doesnt seem to be a good argument to stop this aspect of the game due to a notion that it will cause some harm to the game.

    What are your thoughts. ?

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    Harry, I have to agree 100%. You put it in a nutshell that idiots could understand. Killing did attract a lot of people to the game, but TMB does cycle it seems like. So I'm sure killing will come around again, people just need to be patient.


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      I would like to fill out killer medals on profile.

      I see some with them and i have no opportunity to get them. I wouldnt mind if it was even no prize awarded. Just thr medal.

      I would buy a sub and add some credits and turns to complete the set.


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        no killer medals for youuuu :'D

        *shines family killer gold medal*


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          I think I got my first killer family medal with Shade.


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            Just stop. Storm has stated repeatedly they aren't returning and for good reason. The game is too diluted as it is with free turns. No reason to pump more into it.


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              In the 9 years or so I have played there have been many different iterations of many aspects of the game from maxing to prizes. Some I liked some I didn’t, some I wish to return some I don’t but I accept they are gone from main rounds for various reasons.

              What I don’t get is why they can’t be used from time to time in turbo rounds. For me the turbo rounds should have far more variance than they do at the moment, why not have a turbo round with a throwback rule set or a custom ruleset biased towards 1 aspect of the game?

              That way you can kill 2 major complaints, the return of certain rule iterations or aspects of the game and stale turbos rounds, in one fell swoop.

              In short, in my worthless opinion, things like killer family should be used from time to time in turbos.


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                Storm has never had trouble speaking for himself. I don't think he wants a talking chocolate dildo speaking for him .


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                  You're right. He's never had trouble speaking for himself. The trouble he has is having to repeat himself multiple times every round as fucktards who should be required to wear helmets when signing into TMB can't seem to grasp the eloquence of, "No, that's a dumb idea."

                  "I think people will come back." That is sound research you've done there. How could Storm possibly argue with those statistics? Do you "think" some people might leave too? I know that's really outside the box though right? Here's a towel to clean up as I'm assuming your mind was just blown.

                  Signing off,

                  Captain Research


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                    this favors families with more supporters vs fams without.


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                      *at the current state the kill points are at


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                        Dear Harry, I truly hope your mother chokes on a fat cock.

                        Yours sincerely


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                          You literally created an entire thread to cry about having a shitty form of the game brought back and somehow you've interpreted me pointing out that you're a mouth breather as "whining". You're just the gift that keeps on giving.

                          Here's an idea Radio, you keep searching the internet for pictures of dildos in your spare time and I'll await your next response which will somehow convince all of us that big foot exists, we've never landed on the moon, and you're somehow not employed as a greeter at Wal Mart.


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                            Why do you have pics of big black dongs at a fingertips length at a moment's notice?

                            Serious question how fucked up is your internet search history?




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                              Somebody say dildos?!

                              Now it's a party...