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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks to everyone who reported the issues with the prizes last night. I apologize profusely for the mix up on the family killer ranks prizes and I am collecting information to see what went wrong so we can fix it please and award the correct medals and prizes to the proper winners.

    We will make sure the winning killer rank families families get extra turns if they were bumped down etc, will make sure the winners get a proper turns advantage. We will also remove medals from any teams who inaccurately for awarded these and give it to the correct players.

    I will need some info please:

    1- was the collect family prizes correct? it looks right to me from what i can see?
    2 - did everyone in the collect families get their medals correctly?
    3 - Which family positions in the killer ranks did not get any prizes?
    4 - can you also please let me know of any other anomalies?

    Staff has reported everything to me i am just now checking with everyone if we missed anything before we start to fix things

    Once again, Guys, so sorry that the prizes didnt come out correctly, we know you all work hard for this and we are dedicated to make sure the teams who won, will get a turns advantage , those who should not have won, we will unfortunately have to remove your medals and give it to the correct winners.

    It will take 2-3 days to fix starting from tomorrow, please bear with us as we work through it and fix it so that the next time its much smoother.

    Thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback, please post your reports below and i would also like to hear about the actual round, if it was exciting to play, and what can we do better, please? [besides fixing the prizes of course!]

    Thanks and once again, sorry guys!

    we will fix the current issues and we will take your feedback on board!
    - Storm

    Game Admin

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    This part in PAST RANK ROUND 1048 IS FIXED:


    So this is the final standings for the round: Killer families.

    We will within the next 2-3 days at most present the prizes and medals.

    - Storm
    Game Admin


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      Everything outside of the killer family ranks looked good!


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        Thanks for your quick work fixing this, and thanks for bringing back family killer medals in turbos!!


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          Awesome fast response to the issue by the staff and admin and was a very fun round even with a small issue was still really fun


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            HI EVERYONE

            All prizes and medals have now been awarded to the FAMILY KILLER top ranking/winning families!

            Thank you very much for the patience and all the feedback!
            - Storm
            Game Admin


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