Hello Mafioso’s!

Many of you might remember the TMB Lottery that we had some months ago. We will shortly be reviving that.


There will be a few adjustments/rules to how we will be doing this lottery.

1. These lottery opportunities coincide with each new main round. They start and end within the round timings. You might see some posted early, but entries only count within the round time-frame listed on the entry.

2. Each person may guess up to 6 sets of numbers. The number will be a 6 digit number. The player closest to the number wins 20k turns at the end of the lottery for use within the next 30 days. (Expiring just like any other won credits).

3. There may be themes within various lottery rounds that carry bonus questions and bonus points. Keep your eyes & ears open on this!

4. Game Staff are excluded from participating

The lottery will start back up with the new round!

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss