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    I think, being a long term player, its time I shared some facts that I have gathered along this mediocre journey that has been my life for the past 1028 rounds in this heroin like game we all love to hate so well.

    Feel free to add some facts about players you know well.

    Who is Storm?
    Its a little know fact that Storm got his name due to his severe lactose intolerance and his love for milky white Tea.
    His real name being Stormi Cuminmetea, from his early teen years he discovered that semen was an amazing substitute for milk, he would jack off into his Tea to give it that milky texture and flavor he craved.
    Now, Stormi, has an above average pressure rating on his ejaculate and would often blast most of the tea from the cup when he let fly.
    To counteract this, he started to submerge the head of his spitting purple vain snake into the tea, thus creating a vortex which resembled that of a hurricane.
    This is where the term "Storm in a Teacup" originated.

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    My only question is it iced tea or hot tea?


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      Oh dear God. Those diarrhea-tic days. No one misses them. Those long brown smelly stains, raindrops of chocolate.
      Game Admin