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How to Know When Your Credits Are Expiring

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  • How to Know When Your Credits Are Expiring

    1. Anything with a negative time is already expired, so you can ignore those.
    2. Add up your credit statements, from top-down, until it totals more than your won credits on hand.
    3. The last row you added to exceed your total is the time you're working with.
    4. Subtract the total of the rows from step 3 - from your won credits on hand to get the difference between the two. That's how many credits you need to use before the time from step 3.

    I'm trying to attach an example image below, so hopefully that works - to provide some more clarification.

    EDIT: Image is super small, so I've posted a bigger link to it in the post below this one.
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    Direct Link to Image:


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      good stuff ,,,
      i lost a few ages ago due to not paying attention,,,always check at the very start of each round !!!!!


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        Very helpful.
        Thanks for this.
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          I have had a million turns expire