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Making worth spending credits on TMB.

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  • Making worth spending credits on TMB.

    I was thinking, "what motivates someone to spend?" and basically its what you want in return.

    My point is why can't TMB return back a little more from what you spend. more credits.

    Lets say: You buy 800k credits and for the round you put 100k bought not won credits, you may win them back sure but what are the chances of that getting accomplish. This makes it you think twice (if you have brains) to use your credits wisely. But if by mere chance a reward of getting back 10% of how many credits you put into the round (100k into round, in return get 10k) increases the chance of motivating one into risking more and knowing you will get that 10% of credits back either you rank or not.

    Just an idea, I played several games that give different rewards which most than likely will attract more players in getting them.

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    The game is not meant to be an investment strategy

    We offer turns to help offset the costs associated with running the site

    You get an in game benefit, and chances to win a higher amount of turns back each time you raise your tier