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An open letter to an unbanned KLOWN

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  • An open letter to an unbanned KLOWN

    Dear Klown

    I am specifically unbanning your account so I can have a public discussion with you about some issues and I am choosing to do this in public because I notice you go around telling everyone you know, one side of the story about some issue we had recently. And put yourself in some light and the business and myself in another.

    Normally I would just write you off as another lost player who will now do our game more harm than good.

    Here is THAT story from my side.

    I notice you are quick to become personal and make threats and call people names, let’s see how well you deal with logic and truth, if it’s possible and see if you are able to hold a lucid conversation. So let’s get going...

    We have been friends a long time. You have helped the game with new players and I have helped you with in return with small products for the work you do just like I do for a few players who do the same for the game, they know who they are.

    You messaged me on Skype, we were having a discussion and you mentioned there that you had developed bots for your game that do some more actions than ours. I then immediately remarked something like [and I hope it’s close to verbatim so I don’t misrepresent anything]:

    ‘Not only did you copy/steal our game code/idea, [like so many other clones of TMB have done] also copy our latest dev ideas also, what do you expect me to do with this info? [I also said].....Some people are very litigious in business and you shouldn’'t be telling me this’ and you responded along the lines that your NPC did different actions like hire attack or whatever.

    I then made a simple remark that we also have NPC in our code that hire and we used to have it for killing points earning. [to everyone reading...But we don’t use it anymore, the code is still there some of you might remember] this point I was nowhere close to being upset or jealous and still am not. I have always considered you a friend. And I didn’t make the remark with the intention of anything further than just saying we had something similar. At this point I guess your brain short circuited from the simplicity of everything.

    You were quick to explain the difference on how yours behaves. I didn'’t really care either I just made a simple remark to a friend that you copied our shit and continued to do so to this day.

    Just to explain so hopefully you can understand some more stuff - I am aware many games have this happening to them and it is forms of flattery to have someone do takes on ideas of games, but it’s also a point where you open yourself to some form of legal shit. Which I afterward made clear to you,’ i said I don’t care as I do not own the game so I won’t do anything about it but be careful about who you speak to about such things in business in the future because you open yourself up to all sorts of issues.’

    TMB has never ever been vindictive this way. We have had thousands of players and other game copies people come onto our site to poach users and we have never done the same back to anyone else except one site some years ago- where I asked the admin of that site who had commissioned an entire team, to come spam our site....and he would not stop and so we did the same for a few minutes until he came crying to me to stop it. That was an extreme case because the spam from them was incessant. It did stop then and that is THE ONLY time we ever did that because it was extreme spam.

    Anyway I digress.

    I then got some messages from some players who are mutual friends who told me you were saying some things. So I checked your mail and I noticed you were telling other players you were expecting to be banned [and along the lines of...] I accused you of stealing stuff from us, we cannot make our own ideas, i am jealous and accusing you of theft or something etc...Just posting to your friends and others....creating general bad vibes to players in our game about our conversation

    Like I said....Somewhere at this point your stupid kicked in I guess, like I have always noticed and ignored from you, when i saw how you dealt with issues from other players in the gameplay....about how you react when you are challenged in anyway, and you forget what the word friendship means and also lose the concept of ‘being professional’ in this business discussion context

    I then messaged you on Skype and told you the same, that action of yours to message others in our game has pissed me off; it’s unprofessional from one ‘business’ to another. It’s not the way we should behave and that where I come from [and the way I was raised] friends do not act that way to each other.

    Then I banned you because of that. you were now starting to do our game harm. Your business has never been standing in our way and we have never stood in yours and that will remain forever. From our side.

    So that’s it. I don’t have anything to add. I will refrain from insulting you because you can do all that by yourself to yourself in my opinion. I will leave this post open for you to respond. You have a fair chance to tell everyone if I am misrepresenting anything here and if I recounted something’s inaccurately, sorry, in advance. Some of the details is a bit hazy now because until the point you took our friendship and made it public to others without talking to me direct, i didn’t think it was important at all, and I didn’'t really care and still do not if my words upset you, it was the truth.

    But I still regarded you as a friend. You just didn'’t seem to be able to separate the 2.

    Your [ex??] friend:
    - Storm
    Game Admin

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    Free the klown


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      Kiss and make up


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        he is free to respond... his accounts are open....i dont kiss other men I am not designed that way sorry brother.
        Game Admin


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            This shit is funny. Storm out here justifying why he banned my boy Klown trying to play it down as Klowns issue but if we keep it 100 you always ban a nuccaaa when you feel threatened. Instead of having meaningful discussion and dealing with your insecurities you pull the trigger first.


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              Now que the forum/ game ban coming my way because that’s how storm rolls


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                @Banned Beva: usually you get banned because make racist comments yes? no?.... and yes you're banned again cos that's 'how i roll', but actually it just means i dont tolerate gross stupidity and do not tolerate childish behaviour , for no other reason than seeming's called doing my job.... to keep players like yourself within the game rules. you play less than you talk shit.

                You dont stick to the rules we enforce it.

                Bye Nucca!!
                Game Admin


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                  Beva, you're your worst enemy.
                  Now, back to the Klown party...
                  TMB Forum Administrator

                  I am always watching.
                  Be kind to each other.


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                    So basiclly if people say anything you dont like They get banned? [redacted stuff]


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                      Fornax - As the sun sets today, I guess i am kind of done with this party. People have read this, so on this issue further.... I don't care what others think, or actually got to say further, because I have had my say. I feel better.

                      Pointless allowing toxic nonsensical stuff to continue. Bye Klown.

                      To everyone else, reading or have read........I will say: if at anytime any of you have any issue with me or staff or the game.... you can PM us anytime with your issue. if you stick to the rules there is nothing you cannot discuss with us. Just be adult about it. Please. That's all we ask. We might not agree with you or give you an answer you like....but if you are withing the civility of the rules, you certainly run no risk of being banned.

                      We do NOT LIKE to ban anyone. But it is our job to keep the game free of this type of behaviour, as it just creates bad feelings all round.

                      You wanna bitch and moan about something?

                      That's fine....Message us privately. the minute you start creating teams to try to 'fight' against us or approach players on this site with toxic have lost the plot. And you have broken game rules.

                      There is no need to try to undermine us, just treat us as you would like others to treat you and we are good.

                      Thank you.

                      Game Admin


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                        Originally posted by DGM View Post
                        So basiclly if people say anything you dont like They get banned? Heil Hitler!
                        Read the game rules. You might understand more where we coming from, or not....

                        Game Admin