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sextoy win, macros queries and admin update

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  • sextoy win, macros queries and admin update

    Admins do one thing and let sextoy show you with teamviewer that he is able to collect so fast for 5 minutes like u did with tmk and some others.

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    Fair point its only a matter of 5 minutes and easy to do


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      Sextoy didnt hire or collect any faster than tmk has been doing for the past 10 years nor any faster that pewe did last round. They are all the same speed because they are limited by the game code. The game is coded to block anything faster than the speed they set and the 3 of them have exhausted the games capacity.

      pewe lost because he let his fat ego get the best of him and decided to add the same amount of turns that sextoy did but 3 minutes later. Who in their right mind would think that would ever work? It was evident that sextoy timed it perfectly, or near perfect, to go through all his turns and end with only a few seconds left into the round. Pewe is dumb for thinking he would have enough time to finish when hes more than 3 minutes late.

      It is a real rookie move and very embarrassing for both himself and tmk. It is clear tmk told pewe to go as well. Both dumbasses lol


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        prove it sextoy like tmk did with storm n u good. no need to write novels


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          Why is it the ones who dont drop serious money for a round are always the ones who bitch about macros? Ive spent a few times in turbo got my ass handed to me sadly because i wasnt faster than those who won

          Its a internet game spend or have fun or dont spend but quit crying daddy cheated when it wasnt you mean damn coronavirus got your pussy hurt more?


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            I’m sure sextoy would have no problem at all showing storm if needed


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              If you have proof of something message Admin please.

              Otherwise, we got enough drama already.

              Thread closed


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                To all of you talking about macros being used last round:


                1 - There will be no redo's and no refunds to those of you asking. period.

                2 - I watched every minute of it. I watched the winner hire well before 8 minute mark and start collecting non stop at a steady pace until the end.

                3 - I have seen a quite few players collect MUCH faster than him. TMK, babbo, Pops, Islander, Spade, coca, Eck all are MUCH faster.

                4 - We all have seen MUCH FASTER collectors than this.

                5 - A few weeks ago the winner last round.... asked me whats the best collecting method and all i told him was:
                make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to use up all the turns you put into the round, according to a comfortable speed you know you can work at.. try to end up with no turns left over.

                He did this once before and he lost more than $5000 and had millions of turns left he wasted. Because he started at the 3 minute mark to hire and collect - Thats why he asked and I gave him logical simple info. I will say when he lost the cash he didn't bitch and moan.

                6 - When i go onto team viewer and ask him to show me and am satisfied he is legit- some will still cry foul and say he used a macro and present skype chats where they claim trap-house is selling or made him use a macro. To this is will say once off: I watched the guy and I am happy that he collected at a reasonable pace for me not to question this.

                Don't be sore losers Guys. Its all fine when he lost and your teams won - now he won - give him his due.

                I am not gonna discuss this further with anyone and anyone who is unhappy further....that's your problem - do as you must if you are unhappy.

                Finally on this: I will not be responding to anymore queries about last round. I will ignore anything about this and will have all negative postings about this removed.


                I am looking at this entire round end situation based on how players behave and how the competition is affected. I have been looking at this for a while. We note the impact of wins and losses and how players behave under this conditions.

                we are going to make some strong changes here on this round end scenario- on how the game is played, won and lost. Its time to change where the game is won and lost in the last 5 minutes. It causes too many broken hearts. And lost money through risky speculation and game-play scenario and sore losers who make charge-backs when they cannot accept being beaten.

                All this complaints has now highlighted to me that this needs changing the sooner the better..... and its going to be done where players will have to play hard from day one and no more last minute jump in and win and overcome families who worked hard for 10 days.

                We will make announcements well in advance and no surprise changes will be made.
                Expect some radical changes in the next few weeks.

                - Storm
                Game Admin