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  • Supporter killer ranks

    This is so retarded. Let's see who builds the highest and then reward them...Half those retards don't know where the attack button is..

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    Shut Up StnkyCat!!


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      Fuuuuuuuuuucking losers!!!


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        let's hope Storm will change this rule soon

        it is ridiculous that you a killer medal for just building h/h and do almost no killing at all


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          do you ever get the feeling that storm is just messing with people? getting them all frustrated and promising changes soon and soon becomes months. lol

          i do

          both supporter and free killing rewards are pretty lame if u ask me but thanks for getting rid of family killing rewards.

          attacked 37 times, super i'm going to get that asshole back .... oh he has 0 dus and 0ps and networth is 0.. nothing can be done. Nope nothing is wrong with that... i know changes are coming.

          top killer has over a million ops and hasn't attacked anyone the whole round, how is that even possible? oh yeah bts.. super yeah that makes sense. i know changes are coming.


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            U cunts can kill anyway even if the rule changes


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              lol bono. i for example got many killer medals before the BT system
              so i did know how to kill back then.
              now free players more or less loot ppl to get a killer medal

              and didnt storm say he can change rules only once a year? sometime in April/May


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                Originally posted by B0NO View Post
                U cunts can kill anyway even if the rule changes
                the same can apply to you