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Which is harder?

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  • Which is harder?

    Free killer or supporter killer?
    Free killer
    Supporter killer

    The poll is expired.

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    Looter :P


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      supporter killer as level 2 or 3


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        all the above


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          Bots have made achieving kill points fairly easy for both. I'm not taking away from anyone whose won a medal killing bots because that's the game play in main at the moment, but imo killing something you know will be there to kill every few hours, and will be built a certain way as far as net and defensive unit, and won't revenge you, is easier than how it used to be. It's all about having the time to kill and credits to burn if you're a supporter.

          Killing in turbo is a bit more challenging. You actually have to scout targets, and adjust your net here and there to get in range, targets and time are pretty limited in turbo.

          Free killers and Supporter killers who have friends that will kill other challengers and will have kill points donated to them have it easy as well.
          Another thing I feel defeats the purpose of a killer medal is seeing others stand down just so another "killer" can complete their set. That's super gay.

          To answer your question, Imo the solo free killer who kills in turbo and doesnt farm has it the hardest.


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            Free killers is much harder.

            You hae to stay off the radar and build a decent amount of dus while killing and really only get 1 good shot at medalling.

            Sup killers is easiest in turbos, most noteably where there are ratios and no range.
            All of mine came from turbo rounds, except one.


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              i don't get hard from either anymore but i would say free killing is more difficult.


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                If you are asking about main rounds i would say supporter.

                Turbo rounds free killing.

                In main free killer you build and kill a couple toh. Super easy. Just dont get hit which is a toss up most rounds.

                In supporter killer you need to add significant turns and or have a diamond sub.

                In turbo lvl 3 can take gold on a ratio round easily. Free killing is a bit harder because lack of bots, but it really depends on rules.


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                  Bots have made it pretty easy in the main round for both support and free , for free its mainly whos got the most balls to hold out as long as possible usually day 2 these days . For support its how much credits you got and how much are ya willing to spend. Turbo free killer is hard work , you need to have at least but 3-4 hours aside on the last day to have a chance , protecting for a few hours can almost make you square eyed . (well this depends if your not using a macro or a farming fuck).


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                    Actually, the hardest thing to do is get those missing silvers and bronzes when trying to complete your set of medals.