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IU, RU, Black Sails, SlackerS, harryverderchki, free killing Spring 2016

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  • IU, RU, Black Sails, SlackerS, harryverderchki, free killing Spring 2016

    And you're lame. Mane.
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      Free killer is just pure luck , if your lucky enough to have a few friends in the game that won't touch you while you low build fair play . if u can get to day 3\2 untouched ud be pretty shit at killing not to get a I've never been able to build always taken out ,easier in turbo .


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        sometimes I hate you Coutinho , then most the time you are straight up like now, and the fact you support Liverpool, another hard thing to ignore I mean how bad of a guy can you be if you support Liverpool

        YNWA bro


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          Wont you ever get bored of this, jew?


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            yes. fuck cant wait till new FIFA comes out September


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              17? the thing is it became boring.. ever since they stopped coin sellers


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                I suppose if you're into FUT. . . I never was into FUT, I thought it was a scam to suck more money out of people. I like Online Seasons mode and Virtual Pro Clubs. and Career Mode as a manager.


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                  even sellz sucks, sellz aint the worst but is overrated and just knows ratios a
                  little bit and like I said earlier has a lot of help lol this game is fucked
                  Overrated? I didn't know I was rated at all.


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                    Suck my dick then you at least know something about this game,I bet u never know how to play smart.don't post this kind of crying posts.mother fucker.go n fuck your mother


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                      The most untalented shit you are.don't try to drag nonsense issues and don't act are the winner of most worst player of this game.


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                        I think your a son of a multi bitch mother.first try to find your correct father
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                          I like how the thread started talking about free killers, went to football and ended in everyone's mother.


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                            you been complaining since at least 2009 when you got booted for multies back then.

                            do google search "complaintsboard mafiaboss racism wrongful bans anti-semitism "

                            You trying to put down Mitsui?

                            He will out kill you hands down because he is fast and works harder then you.

                            I don't know who this administrator fool is but mitsui works hard enough to rank that slacker family in at least second place on his own with hard work he puts in. You don't like the work and teamwork that goes into the free players that UI has because you can't generate or entice players with talent to come with you. What the reason is could be linked to your constant whining. Why would anyone join the slacker family for ranks? There is almost any of the union families or other strong families that will take in a new player and let them get a union rank or family rank with not too much work or effort.

                            Building a family with 21 multies is not a skill. The fact that pretty much all of them logged in as new players and then proceeded to kill ui free players is what you train them to do? Each I seen that joined joined and signed up when you were on. Coincidence ?

                            Also the premise that you let Leah win is disgusting. She was going to win eventually. You decided to use your turns on others that were going for it. That is a fact. There were several UC guys going for it , some black sails guys going for it, and some UI guys going for it. Many of which had more resources in builds than Rockem or Leah. You didnt do the math when you bought your sub. You would never have been able to stop all of them. If some of the guys that are built don't go for it then they may go out and help their buds. Its called teamwork .

                            As far as the turbo fiction goes. I don't know how many times I start the turbo and I get killed by random killers. It seems that they come from a select family near the end when they converge. So I am thinking that this Administration person is part of that group of multies that kills off anyone that is building. And if you are trying to beat Mits in killing , he is more fierce and harder working in killing then in main. Good luck with that.

                            Two turbos ago. I got killed by one of my own teammates in turbo trying to protect Mits win for the gold. Took over 500000 dus from me and I still got silver. Main difference is I didnt give a shit and didnt start going on the forum crying about it and congratulated mits on the win. Which he would have gotten anyway because I don't have the patience to go hours for a killing medal or ask people to give me kps.

                            If you don't realize this is a team game you should throw in the towel. It is based on friendships and having members that know what to do and when to do it. It isnt about different mice products that anyone can purchase instead of crying.

                            LOL you been crying for a long time and obviously from the look of that website complaint aforehand mentioned been using multies for about 9 years.

                            Sad lil fuck with a sub , at least 21 multies in his own family and still can't stop a few MEGA POWER free players from getting the top spots. Am I shocked to see you crying again in the forum?

                            When you pull up my old posts when I was playing solo and against IU. The difference is I was successful and taunting them that they couldnt stop me. Not crying about how they were picking on me. I got all my medals and in my blog I actually do say that eventually I will join them. They are great players and I also say that in my blog when I was solo.

                            In any event don't belittle Leahs efforts killing, or Rockem. You didnt have the resources to stop the entire union and you are simple minded.

                            Maybe some time they will introduce the best suicide family medal. You will win that one with all suicide multi machine.