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  • Family Killer Medals

    Can we bring this back in some way, shape, or form? Even if they're only given during turbo rounds or just in main rounds or something, anything.

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    definitely should bring them back in some capacity perhaps dont award turns, or perhaps have free killer family ranks, that are kept independeednt from unions. i dunno, this union medal bullshit is kinda lame if you ask me, top family independent gets 25 k won credits and a medal, meanwhile unions have medals now and top three unions have 30 rank spots that award more credits per rank not to mention more available spots for tiers and killing ranks than the top indy family gets . The bots have proven to be good for free players who loot to win tiers or whatever but it has also maligned the killing even moreso than the kill points without the bots and the battle trophies with or without the missions have. The lower cost for ops hits I can't take a solid stance on I guess the low cost to hit ops is good if people are out to try to ruin the chances of certain players who intend on keeping a bank with defensive units going as well as ruin their chance at collecting throughout thee round. You decide TMB !


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      bring killer medals back

      get rid of bots and reset

      bring boosting back


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        killers are gay.