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What should they do about sports?

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  • What should they do about sports?

    What's your thoughts on sports? Should they resume play within the next 2-3 months??? Or postpone seasons overall. 1.2.3. Go

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    they should resume sports tomorrow. This is getting embarrassing even if you believe this stupid shit it's a cold. people will be okay!


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      people thinking its a cold.. ignoring whats going on.. is why the death rate is climbing daily
      till we all stay home.. stay away from other people, use common sense when shopping.. this will only get worse.

      covid19 needs hosts, deprive it.. let it die.. we can live without sports and bars for a few month, so we can enjoy safely later.


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        one simple principle that has made america great, freedom! i will die for freedom for it now give me back my sports.

        it's a cold rebranded and people went nuts and now the government has unprecedented control over the population, it's ridiculous. Just wait until they get the vaccine and they have forced vaccines. This shit is all a staged a social experiment to see what they can get away with and it's sad they're all are going along with it. SAY NO MORE before it's too late


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          lol, SARS just isnt the flu. dont get me wrong a shit load of ppl will be unaffected directly by the disease itself but its gonna kill millions worldwide, fuck health care systems and the restrictions will ruin many many lives too. fuck sport for now, theres more important things


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            i like perspective

            covid 19- deaths so far - a little over 13k- if you believe the numbers which i don't most people that died are old and could have died from many different things they just pinned it on covid-19.

            107,530Seasonal flu deaths this year
            371,917Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year
            1,817,028Deaths caused by cancer this year
            217,011Deaths caused by malaria this year- malaria shit most countries haven't thought about in decades
            1,106,002Deaths caused by smoking this year
            553,352Deaths caused by alcohol this year
            237,251Suicides this year
            298,658Road traffic accident fatalities this year

            things all these things have in common they didn't lock down cities, cancel entertainment, sports, bars, shut down travel, ruin economies. People just went on with their normal lives.

            wow! wake up. this shit is an operation to see how people would react and what kind of controls they can enact


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              your links dont work

              13k deaths so far.... so far. and Italy had nearly 800 of those deaths today alone, up from almost 500 yesterday. thats a country with great health care.

              i also like perspective and i guess if u say ppl dont die from covid but die of other underlying conditions u could say the same about flu and hiv but i'm sure we both understand that the virus' are what cause the complications that lead to death. and no need for any form of lock down for any of the things u mention either since flu has a vaccine, hiv is contagious in a completely different way and the others arent contagious at all.

              to be fair i said it'd kill millions over the world n it might not but 800 a day in 1 country should suggest the death toll could be considerable if countries dont act
              Live statistics and coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, and death toll by country due to the COVID 19 coronavirus from Wuhan, China. Coronavirus counter with new cases, historical data, and info. Daily charts, graphs, news and updates


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                my favorite time analogy time

                you see ants on your countertop, damn, that's a problem. To solve this problem you bring out a hammer and smack the ants with it and you take care of most of the ants there is a couple left but most are gone and pretty much problem solved. Then, you notice that your countertop is chipped, dented, broken, damaged, and looks like shit now. Yeah, you took care of most of the ants but now your countertop is messed up was it worth it? NOPE. you have a much worse problem now.

                getting a cold isn't that bad couple of days or a week most people will be fine again the shit they are doing to fight this bad cold is going to last for years and just another example how governments take away individual freedoms usually under the false promise of safety always fear-based.

                stand up and say NO MORE.

                famous quote time

                I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.


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                  Originally posted by Eli_462 View Post
                  my favorite time analogy time

                  getting a cold isn't that bad couple of days or a week most people will be fine again the shit they are doing to fight this bad cold is going to last for years and just another example how governments take away individual freedoms usually under the false promise of safety always fear-based.
                  Let us know how your first volunteer shift at the hospital without PPE goes. Because 'it's just a flu bro", right? Consider it your golden opportunity to die for the greater good of America.

                  Those numbers of deaths you quoted pale in comparison to an uncontained COVID-19 outbreak. A fatality rate in the low single-digit percentage factors in an adequate health care system in place to treat critical cases. A collapsed hospital system would see a significant rise in mortality.

                  So your homework for the day is to read up on the 1918 Spanish flu and go fuck yourself with a pineapple.


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                    valar morghulis

                    1918 flu- guess what? the world continued developing immunity to it. evidence you were able to be born and get on a computer log on to the internet things that people invented and tell me to go fuck myself with a pineapple. thank god! people had more backbone back then. continue to lock yourself down just trying to give people another perspective on things.

                    homework for you. war of the worlds.

                    or the history of Europe take over the Americas.


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                      Originally posted by Eli_462 View Post
                      valar morghulis

                      homework for you. war of the worlds.

                      or the history of Europe take over the Americas.
                      And the world will continue to build immunity to this virus, once recovered cases and vaccination levels reach around 80% we'll effectively have herd immunity. That that doesn't mean millions need to die needlessly because of your self fellating viewpoints.

                      Education is antithetical to conspiracy theories, get you some. Here's a couple pertinent pieces to get you started:




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                        if you think the actions they are taking are warranted that is fine. I don't and find them downright revolutionary. To me, it seems to be more about control over populations

                        the best thing you can do is be healthy eat right, don't stress, get enough sleep, stay away from pollution but not hearing these things hearing stay home, lockdown, no sports, entertainment, restaurants, no bars, work at home, internet schooling.

                        when this is over what happens next? is everything going to go back to normal? i doubt it. i still have to take my shoes off at an airport the patriot act still around once authorities have controls they tend not to give them up.


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                          You know what, I agree with you on pretty much everything you just said.

                          Creeping authoritarianism is one of the greatest threats facing the US. 9/11 shifted the overton window so fucking far into mass surveillance and a police state. And the "patriot" act was just renewed yet again.

                          I view the couple week "shelter in place" as a penance for having a farce of a government that did fuck all to prevent this until too late.

                          I'm not overly optimistic it will amount to much, but if it can save a huge amount of lives and not permanently endanger our liberty I'm for the quarantines. I just hope we don't have to claw our civil rights back from them when it's all over.


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                            You want some none-stop action?
                            Go to YouTube.
                            Search Marblelympics.
                            You're welcome.
                            I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

                            Gen. Mattis


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                              Eli, I mean this metaphorically of course, and with all due respect, because wishing death upon a fellow play is a breach of game rules.
                              Go and drown in a bucket of AIDS you ignorant selfish sack of balls.
                              Its cunts like you who will kill people. I have friends in Italy who have lost 8 people in there direct family. But you dont have to deal with shit like that because its not your problem? I work in an aged care home and if it gets in here, because cunts like you think its just a cold we will lose at least half the people living here. That is a fact as certain as you father should have pulled out and dumped on the floor of the truckstop bathroom. Fuck you, fuck your fuckwit opinions, fuck your bullshit statistics and conspiracy theories, that are irreverent to your piss weak arguments.

                              BTW, this is not an invitation to a debate on the mater as I would sooner debate a fucking rock on the existence of cunts that should never crawled out from under them.
                              This was just my humble opinion and requires no action from you other the suit up and dive into that bucket you fucking waste of space.

                              Have a nice day.
                              TheButchersUnion LLKK LLUCC
                              Skidmark_United GWLC FYUU
                              NaMeLeSs 4THE29