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Card dealers ? Whores ? Punks ? Bootleggers ? Why ? Shotguns ? Uzis ? Why ?

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  • Card dealers ? Whores ? Punks ? Bootleggers ? Why ? Shotguns ? Uzis ? Why ?

    Seems like we have a lot of things in the game that really serve no purpose. As far as I can remember they never did. Has anyone ever tried building these and is there any reason for them to even be in the game ? Could some changes make it so that those units and weapons are useful in some special situations, adding a layer of strategy to this game ?

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    There are actual reasons for having card dealers, whores, and hustlers.
    Each one collects a different amount of money. Each has it's own value.
    When ops are hit, not all are hit evenly. Therefore, you can use them to protect the more valuable assets.

    Same for the thugs, bodyguards, and hitmen.
    Each has a power and when properly armed, they protect the DUs better. When DUs are hit, the lower ranked DUs protect the more powerful DUs.
    Each weapon is designed for certain defensive units.
    Part of the game is to figure out how all this works.
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      will try my best here.

      card dealers and whores- collecting is effective and you will have a good collection very similar to hustlers. The downsides it raises your net if you care about that and you get no protection with defensive units. The upside if your ops are getting killed in most cases they will most likely only get to your whores and your card dealers will be okay or the other way around can't remember and you can have a decent collection when if you built hitmen/hustlers your ops might be fucked.

      punks and bootleggers- no clue never have seen or heard of these being used effectively so i would agree with you pointless.

      different guns choices- for what i can tell it all has to with your net back in the day killing was more competitive especially free killing and small things like your net was a big deal and different gun choices could raise and lower your net it also affected the damage you could do so there was a balance you had to work out.

      but i agree with you some changes def could be done to spice things up


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        Good insight from Fornax and Eli and I'd like to add to Eli's 1st point.

        Whores actually collect more than hustlers per unit turns used but I believe they also have more variability in their collects which sometimes makes them more risky if you were to collect with a huge amounts of turns.

        That being said, the most important point, and part of the reason why whores/card dealers are useless, is because when your ops get hit, whores actually die before card dealers, but whores collect way more than card dealers. Card dealers collect significantly less than both hustlers and whores. And without any sort of du's , if someone starts whacking your ops, well your losing your strongest assets, which are whores.


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          I am not 100% sure about the variability part as that is what I had remembered but after doing tests, the whores actually seem to be quite consistent within their own collects.

          And relative to hustlers, whores actually collect 20% more consistently. But they get killed first. That is their downfall. If game had it set that card dealers died first, Whores would be the way to go right now.


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            My point exaclly. Why would anyone ever get whores/card dealers when you can get hustlers who are a bit weaker with collecting + you get the strongest defense unit aswell.

            We can talk as much as we want but the fact is noone uses neither whores/card dealers nor punks/botlegers, and noone for sure doesnt use shotguns and uzis. If noone uses it why even keep it in the game, or better yet why not do some sort of balancing and try to make it more viable so that other strategies might work too, spice things up and make the game more fun and alive. Who knows maybe it brings back some older players who will be curious to see the new way its played. Make the game alive again


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              people use cd/whores. if people are hitting your ops its better to build with cd/whores than just h/h. guns like i said it was used more when free killing was more competitive. punks and bootleggers yeah i agree


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                we should remove Whores, starting with your mother.


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                  No as a coder as far as I see it the best strategy is to recruit 1 DU, whether it be a hitman a thug or a bodyguard, and equipped them with 1 glock and loot bots as any player you will always make more than collecting + recruiting combined. There basically isn't a game here anymore unfortunately. :/