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What are Kill Points used for?

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  • What are Kill Points used for?

    I always wondered, what are kill points used for?

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    u can trade them in for discounts at your local shops on the offers page


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      i use them to tell what kind of person you are. I see lots of kps then i know you're a badasss.

      but since the staff won't answer your question or don't care enough to even read it i will answer it for you. Kill points are used to determine the killer awards( medals and turns) handed out at the end of each round there are two different categories supporter and free if you use more than 999 turns won or bought credits you are now in the supporter category.


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        Just to add on to Eli's comment, you get KP by hitting others with du's AND kp ... and the amount you get depends on how many KP the person you hit has, and also how big of a hit you're able to do.

        Example: If you hit someone who has 200k KP and 200k du's, and you're able to zero them in one hit, then you'll probably get around 200K kp.

        But say they had 1M KP and still 200k du's, and you're able to zero them in one hit, you'll probably still only get around 200k KP.

        It's not exactly a 1:1 ratio on du's killed VS kp-gained -- but that's a good rule of thumb if you're trying to estimate who you need to kill in order to reach a certain amount of KP.

        Another Example: If you hit someone who has 200k KP and 200k du's, but you're only able to kill 50k of their DU's in the first hit, then you'll probably only get around 40-60k KP -- you won't get the full 200k.

        Also worth noting -- players can be "KP maxed" for an hour. Usually it only takes 1 hit to KP max someone for an hour, and then they can't give you KP if you hit them again ... until the top of the next hour.

        ... and one last point: if the person you hit isn't fully armed, then you won't get the optimal KP gain from hitting them.

        For example: If they have 200k du's and 200k kp ... but they only have 50k AKs, and 150k Glocks ... then you'll probably only get around 60-70k KP if you zero them in one hit. They need to be fully armed with AK's for you to get the maximum KP ...

        (Killing for KP is definitely a bit more complicated than I've outlined above, but this should at least give you an idea of what it's all about)

        Hope this helps Charlie, and welcome to the game!
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          Eli and Clutch, great answers.
          Thank you for that.
          To respond to why staff hasn't answered, I can only speak for myself but everytime I attempted to login and answer posts these past few days, I've been unable to due to our forum issues.
          Just remember folks, Staff is always available via private message in game, or you can find me at FornaxTMB on Skype.
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          I am always watching.
          Be kind to each other.


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            thanks Eli and Clutch for helping here !
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