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  • How did you?

    How did you guys hear about this game and what made you sign up? And similarly, what is your proudest moment/greatest achievement that you have accomplished on this game?

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    Well mr I’d have to say I was held captive by some tribesmen and tortured for several seconds until I couldn’t take it anymore where they gave up all the secrets of my village.
    we had a very small population of 3 (myself,the billy goat and a chicken) that I felt I’ve had to protect with everything I possessed.
    anywho a few hours later Storm, Tiki, opie, fornax, Allure, Dan_Jackson and zero all sat me down where we had quite a meal consisting of curry goat, goat soup, jerk chicken, chicken soup, curry chicken etc. I was amazed as I enjoyed the meal I wondered where the rest of my village ran off to as these foreign tribesmen/Women were extremely nice and sarcastic but I guess I have protected them long enough to escape the potential threat, I truly hope they are safe wherever they may be