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IU and the forum game and a reality check

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  • IU and the forum game and a reality check

    Originally posted by Death_Reaper776
    Fact is you guys wouldn't be shit if the old players were still here. Fact, they aren't so you guys are going to think you are the baddest guys to ever play the game. Fact... You aren't even close.
    As much as I would like to believe that some old players are bad ass it never quite pans out that way.

    IU has hard working people in their union and hard work cannot be undervalued or underestimated in this game.

    I take a team of hard working guys any day.

    One of the things about being a hard working player is that you want to work with other hard working players.

    You don't want to be on a team of flakes that show up a few times in a round or at the eor only. Some guys that attack players randomly for peanuts and start beating their chest, or have zero goals. Why do the hard working guys in IU stay in IU. If they come on they can chum with other guys vs being in a vacuum. With transfers on you can pretty much come on any time in IU and pass cash or assist or just tell lies and joke around.

    In any event ,,coming onto a forum and talking shit isnt going to change the NET WORTH of any union. This game is like a business. Your family Net Worth is made up by the cashflow/ or turns it generates. Yacking on the forum results and generates 0 networth/turns.

    Your networth in the game is in the doing in the game. Flapping your lips on the forum and complaining about those that do is loopy and a feckless exercise.

    Most of these forums posts are from guys that provide anecdotal evidence to support every claim they make. It is very common for people with faulty logic to keep providing this anecdotal evidence for everything that happened or happened. If you follow someone like V you discover that the chain evolves that everything bad that has happened in the game came about from the moment something that happened in the game that was unfavourable to him. Each and every event that happened in the game therefore that is derogatory or negative stems from that first event that was out of his favour. This is typical for someone a low IQ that tries to rally this faulty logic to others.

    The fact that IU is in the drivers seat has more variables related to hard work and that they have specific goals vs zero leadership and zero goals to go against them in a way that will get the job done. The rules existed for everyone in the same manner as IU had. At the end of the day one has to look at what they are doing to improve the game and community and if you think running your ass with anecdotal BS to support what you are saying for thousands of posts is doing anything positive then you are just an idiot. Story after story about the good old days makes new players get a headache and want to leave. Can you imagine yourself going into a gaming site and seeing whine after whine about the same BS in every post?

    Here is some examples of false logic. ... IU is nothing compared to the good ole days because there is no one playing at the moment. Ok so then it shouldnt take much to beat them under that same logic. Can't do it? .. then breath through your nose and keep your yap shut.

    WC get disparaged because they don't attack your enemy. Does this even make sense. ??

    When I first started the first person I met was Tease. Had a good conversation with her and a few laughs. Hung out a bit because of that and not the game. Should anyone judge WC because their agenda doesnt line up with yours. Some people are just hanging out and having a few laughs.

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    wake me up when he's done sucking ass


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      wow.. if you want invite.. just ask them.. and if you are a shitty player.. they will kick you out.. so then you will know where you belong too.. stroking their dick aint gonna get you anywhere....


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        Jesus christ. First post I ever made seems to be pretty popular. But on a side note, Yes IU is strong and work well together. I don't deny that. However the massive ego's and talking about being the best to ever play the game is rediculous. I don't mind a family that plays well together and works hard, but let your playing do the talking is what I am saying. By the way, my IQ is 147 and I made the Dean's list in college with a 3.89 GPA so keep dreaming idiot.


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          Other unions and families worked hard in their day as well. Not just IU.


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            IU this iu that
            Its been the same shit, different year


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              I thought it would never end.


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                It isn't hard work, time consuming yes. You fuckin spend a couple hundred on a round, you build, you arm, you do drive bys , you sell off, you do more drive bys, etc etc. .. this game aint nothing to do with hard work. time .. effort mentally, but it aint like you're accomplishing anything anything of any real worth.; remember that. take it from me, I spebt the last 15 days doing not much else than playing mafia boss. It proved I can earn a medal and credits for free, thats about it.


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                  I'm the head of new recruits for IU but at this given time applications closed last Xmas.
                  New applications Start ....... To be cont


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                    Super fly ..the guy that wrote this was YoYo in the last round and needed 2000 more bts and had 50000 dus and started playing an hour and a half prior to the eor. He went to your level with 30 minutes left in the game. Hardly needs help playing the game. There is different levels of players and you would have gotten smoked if he didn't let you keep your bronze. If you actually seen the waves of hits from the guy in first place you would see how he was winning. You are proof tho that hard work can get something done.

                    I wasn't here prior to iu dominating the game. It's just been that way. I started with chaos, we had good players and got things done. Kold is an example even tho I thought he was a back biter that undertook to get a jackpot and we helped him get that against iu and ut.
                    So I have seen where you can beat iu.

                    Although I agree about the hard work in iu I still think they are assholes that believe that it is impossible to rank without being tethered to them. They will put down anyone who does have any success against them.

                    They are actually going to shrink with wc growing under the radar. So there is an example where hard work is going to lose


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                      I been here since Cypriot, Mobster's Club, Islander, Pops , jeeezus loads more, before IU was IU when SCU was just starting. don't let the 1 year badge fool you, I used to go by The_Hebrew_Hammer, anyway forget all that like I said. a halfway decent player with enough real Ca$h can take over the game. you spend you sell a few people who will spend with you a dream, you get the rankwhore robots behind you and you can easily take over the game. it really isnt that hard. time consuming yes, as far as yoyo goes I think YOYO was trying his damndest to srpass as many people as he could in the ranks and probably rank out of turns or something. couldn't add more or else YOYO would have went level two and not got any free rank. ... obviously when the rules were changed to have credits expire faster, that paved the way for new blood to start spending money on the game, also Pops was banned if I am not mistaken which killed Omerta. Anyone want to jump in and clarify wha tI am leaving out and where I'm mistaken?


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                        i had 995 turns left actually. and i had 999 won turns I could have used actually. I won't ever sport a killing badge.

                        The entire killing thing since I been on here has been a bit of a joke. Farming when I started now looting dead bodies.

                        No thanks. But she is right you could easily have been passed. I was just after a case of heineken off Harry and I got it yesterday.

                        Thanks Harry... the samplers were tasty after a day at blue. mmmm mmmmm

                        I am pretty sure Eck would let me back into IU whenever I want. I put my time in on playing guitar in my spare time now. With Rocksmith and Bandfuse.

                        You were actually let win Fly. But you are right it wouldnt take much to compete with IU but I just dont think anyone is motivated to do it. Whenever they are the most vulnerable they seem to make agreements with people that are a risk.


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                          yea they went from game changers to game ruiners pretty quick....

                          sort of bad copies of pissheads/omerta....

                          but where omerta and co dominated hundreds of families iu only dominates a few hundred players...they are a real bad copy
                          It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                            Originally posted by Super_Fly View Post
                            ... obviously when the rules were changed to have credits expire faster, that paved the way for new blood to start spending money on the game, also Pops was banned if I am not mistaken which killed Omerta. Anyone want to jump in and clarify wha tI am leaving out and where I'm mistaken?
                            transfers gone and replaced by family killer ranks....that is what happened (and everyone lost interest in a game that changed entirely over night except iu and co who now finally could get some ranks as well...for years now)
                            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                              I see things differently then you V.

                              They still have to "do" to "get" a medal or accomplish anything.

                              You seem to want them to buy a sub and then sit on their turns and do nothing.

                              Its patently ridiculous