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New Families need help

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  • New Families need help

    The past few weeks I've seen a few new families start up, 4-5 days in they grind to a halt mainly due to banking deposits at 75%, and they really cant loot as much due to restrictions. Its hard to start a family anyway but the bank deposits are problematic, can a lower % be introduced for families with 5 or less, numbers have dropped on here and would this not encourage growth ? Also I'm sure there's some guys on here who would love to do a lone round and see what they could loot on their own for an entire round at 0% deposit . I could be talking through my hole here but why not help new fams start up....just a suggestion

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    0% bank would be counterproductive to your goals.
    There are no restrictions on looting that would hinder a nee player from looting.
    Remember, without your bank, your cash is not safe.

    Staff is always available for questions and guidance.
    All one has to do is ask.

    Also, we are actively working on some new-player game code to help with player retention.
    More on that news later.
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    I am always watching.
    Be kind to each other.


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      If yo asses can’t run a bank then get the fuck out nah meaaan what kinda incompetent nuccaaaaa be running these fams

      Clicking a button multiple times each toth is as easy as stickin yooo prick into ahhh bitch


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        We definitely want to help and encourage new families. but I'm not sure I follow your request for a lower banking percentage. Even with the current 75% banking, 5 people can bankroll $1 Trillion into less than $1 Billion loose.

        To put the current banking in perspective, with only one more member, a 6 person family can take a round winning family bank of $60 Trillion and bank it down to less than $15 Billion loose.

        IIRC we had a turbo round with 100% banking deposits, which is what I think you're asking about, but honestly it was very boring. No cash was exposed, so the person who used the most credits still won, but there was no real opportunity for excitement along the way.

        Thanks for the suggestions


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          staff doesn't really know the game but you can ask me i will answer any questions you have.

          yeah new families are fucked but it's not because of any banking rule it's all about the number of subs in the game. if you want to fund subs for a new family your family will do well but other than that new family or new players for that matter good luck.


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