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    Hi Everyone

    As part of my job when coming back to admin, i will be talking to players to get their ideas, hear their problems and also their solutions for the game. I can gather all of this information to help move the game forward along with Storm and Tiki to make it better in every way possible.

    You all are welcome to message me any time with issues or ideas that come to mind. While they all may not be feasible or in the direction we will be taking the game, I will listen and respond regardless.

    I am here for you the players to make this great game better.

    This will be the first post of many that i make trying to gauge the general player base on where on how to proceed next.

    So Firstly,

    This past turbo rule set was my concoction and mine alone. I was looking to change up the ever so basic rule set that we have been playing with in the past and introduce some new thinking and strategizing for the players to make things as interesting as possible.

    Ive heard personally from players in the days after the round that some liked the different rules and some didn't like them so much. While we can't always please everyone, i will be looking to do some different things in turbo rounds to really change things up in the future while mixing in some of the regular turbo rules as well.

    So my question is this:

    What did YOU think about the turbo rules this round? Did you like them or not? what would you like to have seen differently? Are you happy about changing things up and adding a little spice into a sometimes boring round.

    Let us have a discussion and see what comes of it.

    In closing. You don't have to like the round rules and thats fine with me express your opinion and solutions but I will not allow this to turn into a bash me, the staff or the game discussion or i will just remove your post.

    keep it clean and constructive


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    First off,

    Welcome back, Rain.


    Go fuck yourself.

    But Seriously.

    1) Some of us here can only log in for the last hour of turbo, I know we can't please everyone with this but making it to where you need to be here for the last two hours will take away from some of the players who can't get here until at least 15 minutes to go and give them time to do what they need to do. But with that being said, some things needed to change and something had to give.

    2) I'd like to see some more rules like this for future rounds but would hate the outcome to be fall on one person. Let's face it, some of the people on this game aren't smart at all when it comes to making the best possible choices no matter what situation they are presented with and no amount of training. (which maybe a further explanation of the rules can be presented for the players that just don't understand?)

    In the future, I'd like to see more emphasis being placed on looting and killing in Turbo (can we add bots?). I know we are limited in what we can do because of the coding of the game, I'd like to see if maybe it can be a situation of say...on day 7 or day 6 we can have a poll about 3 different turbo strategies and the game as a whole vote on which strategies we would like to play. This doesn't mean we'll be able to play that one but it could also mean we'll play the strategy that no one wants or votes for.


    One thing I'd like to see added in turbo is the rules to come out ahead of time. Instead of say, 10 hours before they need somewhere around 1 day before for further planning.

    Otherwise, Thanks for the challenge Rain.. Let's make TMB Great Again!



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      I think it's great what you did

      Makes idiots actually have to use there brain, and it also makes you have to work with your family

      Uncapped and ratio also give a nice twist in terms of your personal skill


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        Loved the rules.

        Time to change it all up a bit. I wouldnlike to see more rounds with new rulesets


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          I like the last turbo rules. Make you strategize more.
          Exitus Acta Probat


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            I like the others also liked the rules in the turbo. Once it was figured out how to work within them it was really pretty simple.

            Starting the families earlier was also different but a needed part to make it work.

            Great ideas...... looking forward to more shake ups


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              I totally agree with mixing things up every now and again, but please, before going with a new set of rules, have a think about the free player.
              I know they make you no money, but without them, this would be nothing.

              The latest turbo had zero consideration for a free player, who were there pretty much to make up numbers.


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                rules were fine but please stop acting like this was so genius. lol tmb has had rules like this in previous rounds back in the day. The round pretty much played out like it always does just things started a hour earlier. thumbs up for different rules and asking for feedback though.

                The turbo was a complete supporter round the free guy got left behind- no range and/or ratio on won turns could have improved this.

                now with the increased looting in tmb you have to increase collecting %'s to even things out.

                oh and fucking UNION MEDALS it can't be that fucking difficult to add medals.


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                  I would suggest making the post about new rules prior to issuing new rules. Most people or for clarification free players do not play the turbo or really engage in it any more. This post doesn't even say what the rules changes were. So for the majority , most won't know what you are talking about or referring to.


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                    I'm all for change but not when you're riding free players , also I think there should be new turbo medals nothing like the medals in the main round .


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                      I agree with Hollywood. There is more free players then supporters, so next time make it so they can at least be involved also.
                      Oh and Especially about those fucking UNION MEDALS!!!


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                        i think the rules were made to be different yet too different. it's amazing you can do a no ratio and have it cost 1k for a transfer and then change the op hits from 5000 to 200. that's the power of an admin. it's almost sickening. sure it was different and everyone likes something different... but like eli and others said it was a supporter round without range. if it was no ratio i think it would've been more fair.

                        that was basically the only flaw. i'll be nice about everything else. there is no reason for one city without having no range. you just all wanted us to hang out at time square and buy each other coffee. genius.


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                          i meant if it was ratio and no range round pardon my rant


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                            also that being said... you cannot please everyone.. the bots are higher sometimes zeroed early hours no one is on. it's just part of the game that is created. to make it a game about the last hour which i saw you quoted in a reply to someone why are you limiting it to the only person that can sign on last hour. you guys say you think about the players but you are forgetting a lot. bh sucks now and did when you were there. lol.


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                              i meant to type that somewhere else how do i delete