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CLOSED THREAD FROM ADMIN: What happened to Shayne

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  • CLOSED THREAD FROM ADMIN: What happened to Shayne

    Everyone will ask WHAT HAPPENED, so here it is as much as i can without divulging too much personal account info:

    I don't like to speak about other player business but in this case...many are asking and you all need to know the basics as members of the community, from our side.

    Last round he had some battle with TMK and lost, so he was pushing me to give him those credits back because he felt TMK was cheating to protect which, in fact, TMK was online and managed to put in a response message to say he was busy protecting to Shayne. all records are there. IDK if he just didnt see it or whatever....

    Shayne kept messaging me with veiled threats and trying to force me to send his turns back and ban TMK...and so i told him off to go cry to TMK or paypal because its all bullshit.

    if the guy had a legit issue like he couldnt access the game or something that is really true to prove i would not hesitate to help the guy...but this was not the case as far as i can figure out from reading all those mails last round.

    So, that's it folks just another day at TMB headquarters!

    NB: Any players who got hit by Shayne during THIS ROUND 995, please just message me about it, **NO NEED TO POST ATTACKS** and i will do the system reversal for any DU, guns or cash any of you might have lost.

    R.I.P ShayneG
    Game Admin