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  • TMB_Staff

    I was wondering if staff engages the new players on a one on one basis in any way ?
    I notice we have 9 staff members in the staff family.

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    Well considering I am now a “new player” since ahh have been stripped on my badge and shit I been in game and haven’t had one message like wtf my gs nahhh meaaaan


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      Nope.... Never spoke to any of them.. Other than Storm and I msged him 1st..


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        lol Beva, you're probably glad we're not already in your inbox. i know i am.

        Mitch, that's a good question.

        In the past we have run and/or sponsored training families, had interactive "missions", and put together "how to get started" videos, but there's currently nothing formal in place beyond the message in your inbox when you log in.

        We're always glad to help when a player reaches out; i field a lot of "how do i" and "where is the" questions each round.

        There is work being done right now to improve the new player experience and improve the "stickiness" with new visitors.

        improving the contact rate or making sure that somebody personally says "hey, welcome to the site, let me know if there's anything U can do for you" to every new player is a good idea


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          I recall when I first joined. I thought I should move to Montreal as I'm a Canadian.
          Next I contacted the online members of a family located in Montreal. And asked if I could join.

          They said NO, and if I didn't move out of Montreal right now, they would attack me.
          I thought, man this is a tough game. But I'm not leaving Montreal.

          They proceeded to 00 me. That was a mistake.
          I logged on and attacked them every chance I got.
          After a few rounds their consigliere, someone named Black invited me into that family, I joined.
          Black told me that in the beginning they thought I was a spy.
          The same round I joined them, most of them got banned from this game.

          I'm sure many have stories like mine. Post them here if you can recall your first few weeks here.
          I would like to read your noob stories. ,


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            Nah why u lying for Opie we both know u enjoy being all up inside meh yeah Ooo

            Mah first round staff were snowflake cunts.. didn’t even say nothing that outrageous but got straight up ban n sheeeeit. Made mah point logged mah ass back in... still here... still proppaaaa.. my gs