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Top Independent Families...And City Unions...Your Thoughts?

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  • Top Independent Families...And City Unions...Your Thoughts?

    Hi Guys. I've just returned after about 2 years, Seen quite a few familiar faces and read some interesting posts on the forums, There's quite a few posts about the top families and what happened way back when (Omerta, ICS, FoundHell, DG, Aces, Nameless etc)....

    What about single families, families that weren't ranking but were respected in their city or doing well. I've come back and seen Prophecy are still around, Prophecy were respected in NYC a couple years back but weren't always ranking.

    I remember a few families in Sydney and Las Vegas that did their thing and kept the city locked down, Not family unions but city unions, I remember when Moctezuma disbanded, Blackdragon ran CCU in Cleveland and I was even running things with him for a while, We did quite well.

    Just wondered if anyone else has other stories or remembers any strong single families or strong city unions that did well for a while? ANY CITY at all??

    Let me know.

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    Off the top of my head I'd say London Elite, Westcoast, CapoDiTuttiCapi, Warriors and Avengers were all strong families that were able to stand their ground even if they didn't rank. Some have since joined unions and others are still plugging along as indy families but regardless of where they are now, they have all withstood the sands of time IMO.


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      is it cool to post on this now?

      drudge did it


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        Drudge speaks wise words. No further comment needed.


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          that it it is cool

          proph nameless and inner citcle. union iou. though they have alot of mouths to feed. their leadership is pro. props to london. though we all know gallio is a whore. they arnt going anywherw


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            Yah Inner Circle as well. They were gone for awhile but have come back strong.


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              Skid MiT circus pandora


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                Anywhere I'm at