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Ok mafia boss was not to blame!

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  • Ok mafia boss was not to blame!

    Mafiaboss has assured me they did not release my personal info and I believe them, as this has never happened before, it seems I was either hacked or he was running special software to extract my details somehow! want to thank Mafiaboss for their help as this was worrying, but hasn't happened since the player was removed!! now back to business as usual

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    dimarco, did you like the mafia boss facebook page? just a thought...


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      I'm not running any kind of software.... or hacking people... this is messed up. I let you know what I got from you and I'm to blame..... why would I hack you then tell you....


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        I know dude it doesn't make sense, well maybe mafiaboss could be covering their own backs, or something weird is going on! but never happened before I got your back bro I know you didn't hack me! could be from my end? just aint got a clue! I aint received any phone calls on my number so I know you didn't hack me! plus I phoned telephone company this morning and they changed my number or are in process of doing so, anyway bro I sent storm a message letting him know that you didn't do it! as I thought to myself why would you tell me if you did hack me! just doesn't make sense I think mafiaboss moderators might be annoyed you told me instead of them! but thanks for letting me know anyway if anything we should have kept it between us because now I feel partly responsible for you getting frozen out the game and that deffo was not my intention!! as that would piss me off! it hasn't happened again so I think it could have been a one off! I hope anyway


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          nah I didn't like mafiaboss facebook page, but could be an error from my side as I have never had problem like this before with mafiaboss website I trust this website its my homepage on my computer so maybe I was hacked on this side and somehow my info was sent out from my side!! I just don't know, my computer hasn't got any viruses as I did full scan this morning and it said everything looks good! im just baffled as im sure mafiaboss is also! my uncle who works in police force might be able to shed some light on it as he has worked in cyber crime dept few years back, will ask him what could be cause!! all I know is Mafiaboss wouldn't release peoples info out like that as it could damage their great reputation, plus as I said before this has never happened to me before!


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            Will u g to war wif warriors...
            I'm waiting.......


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              Whatever you're saying doesn't make sense dude.

              The game can not leak what it doesn't collect in the first place. Therefore, your name and phone number has not been leaked from here.

              There are several ways it could have happened, most notably:
              -You probably gave your email to someone and they looked it up on social media. You can search for users' profiles by email.
              -You're possibly using the same username in TMB as the one you use on your social medias, which makes it easier to find you and reveal your identity.

              Either way, it's not the game's fault.


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                no "hacker".
                Long involved troll now complete.
                framed player reinstated.
                "victim" removed.
                thread closed.

                have a nice day