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What are your top 3 Gameplay Ideas.

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  • What are your top 3 Gameplay Ideas.

    Hi guys, and ladies.

    Please read carefully below and try to list max only, 3 of each topic ideas you got. try to keep it short and to the point and please dont go off topic. I really want to hear your views. You dont have to get into too much specifics also, as we will narrow them down and then get into it more, when we got better focus.

    We will get back to you, after that, to discuss the most popular ones that can work practically.

    1) what are your top 3 features or add ons that give you something more to do, you would like to see added into the game? {E.G We started work on the bank looting/being able to attack family/union banks, but we put it on hold as we are working on fixing all lag and code that causes lag in the game - this would be an add on i am looking for something like this...}

    2) What is your top 3 Tools we can add to make your life easier? {an example of 1 that we got was that we dont allow transfer logs to go into a player normal mails, only to go to their transfer section of your mailbox}

    3) What is the top 3 complaints/suggestions for improvement, that you got for us please
    {I know about the lag, we are working on it constantly since November and its ongoing - but this would be a prime example....}

    We will read and narrow down the top ones, please try to participate, we would greatly appreciate this.
    Game Admin

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    On 2. I still get incoming transfers in my mailbox. Only after they cleared but still get them there


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      I would like to see the KPs gained recorded on attacks in the attack logs.

      In my opinion either the maxing system needs some work to protect low builds a bit better or the op hit cost needs to be lowered drastically to give a chance of retaliation.


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        I would like to see a way to track transfers and some sort of marketing to email old players so that we can try to get more people to play.

        Something like.

        ____ we finally found you!
        You thought you could hide from us?
        The mafia BOSS wants to see you.


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          OH and contacts that we add stay so we dont have to add them every round.


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            A Union rank page would be handy , also being able to "max" own family members , and a message "All members" of family /union option for Dons of unions


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              cash more real..cut zeroes


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                Originally posted by SKOAL View Post
                OH and contacts that we add stay so we dont have to add them every round.
                This is not viable for a game that restarts every 10 days.

                Say you block someone, or add them as a contact... and next round they're trying to hide... them appearing in contacts would divulge who they are round after round.

                (I've thought of this one too in the past)


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                  Originally posted by Mr_Tai View Post
                  On 2. I still get incoming transfers in my mailbox. Only after they cleared but still get them there
                  He said it sas a previous suggestion, not that it had already been implemented.


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                    Under point 1.

                    A "group attack" function would be cool.
                    Eg. You pick a family to hit.
                    After the boss or consig etc select the family, you have a period of time where the attack WILL happen. (Eg 5 mins)

                    In that time period, as many people in the fam as possible have to "join the attack".
                    Once the attack happens, it takes everyones strength that have joined the attack against THE WHOLE FAMILY you are attacking.
                    If not enough people join the attack to outstrength them, you could lose.
                    It might boost activity......

                    You get to steal X amount of cash the family is holding on hand or bank (whichever) if you WIN.
                    If you lose, you lose X amount of your own cash.


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                      I agree with sellz on the kps in the attack log.

                      Also i would like to have a search option in my mailbox so i can easily see all the msgs from one person and i dont2have to scroll through my mail


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                        Add poker tournament section in which players can request for a game and if 10 players join it, they can start playing it. It can also give some extra reserves to players and is a good time pass.


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                          1. Different game play rather than the same rules every round.
                          2. Lower cost for Ops hits.
                          3. Paid option to hire a hitman or nuke a family

                          1. Search by name in messages and transfers
                          2. Block feature for GRD so you don’t have to see MrWorker posts
                          3. Auto buy/sell maximum in black market

                          1. Definitely the lag at TOH and making sure it is not being caused intentionally by players.
                          2. Multi’s – we all know they are out there so might as well allow people to have one or two alternate egos to their main account.
                          3. Increase the attack range up but not down so lower valued players can have a chance at larger targets


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                            Cut zeroes. Really disturbing.


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                              a tranfer all botton...instead of haveing to put there name in put the cash number in...u just go to there profile hit tranfer this person money boom done...